Effective tips to deal with exam fear and excel in board exams

Students appearing in board exams 2018 can know here some effective tips to deal with exam fear and score well in exams. Students should read these tips and avoid any mistake made out of exam anviety.

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 Tips to remove exam stress and fear
Tips to remove exam stress and fear

Board exams 2018 will begin after 2 months and every student appearing for their respective board i.e. CBSE, UP Board etc. are gearing themselves up to perform their best in the exams. Students are worried as well because board exams are considered a turning point in every student's academic life. This becomes a reason for students getting anxiety attacks and stressed before and during exams.

Read here tips to deal with exam stress, fear and get ready for the board exams 2018 –

How to handle exam pressure and fear before, during and after the board exams?

  • The best way to organise and reserve what you study is by resting your mind completely as when our brain is refreshed we tend to learn faster and remember it for a longer duration. So, it is advised to relax your brain and body by getting sound sleep after long hours of exam preparation. 
  • Scientists have found that when we sleep, our brain releases melatonin hormone which is responsible for restoring our energy and make us feel refreshed after we wake up. So it is better for students who feel stressed under exam pressure that they take enough sleep to restore their energy and increase their learning and memory power.

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How to deal with stress and tiredness during exam preparation?

  • Students must not study for long duration continuously. They are advised to take short breaks during their preparation time. If their study session is of 40-50 minutes then, they should give 10-15 minutes for a break.
  • To take a break from continuous studies, students can engage themselves in recreational activities or can interact with their friends or family for informal conversation which will take their mind off their studies for a while. This will help in releasing the exam stress.
  • You can also take healthy snacks during this break or take chocolates or ice cream of your choice which will give you some relaxation and you can enjoy for a while. But remember, do not snack on unhealthy food as it will not give you any energy rather it makes your body tired.

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How to deal with blank out due to nervousness during the exam?

  • The best way to remember everything and not forget anything during the exam is by learning everything by heart and understanding.
  • Show interest in your studies as it helps you remember it for long and you won’t slip out anything you have learned with interest.
  • Consider an example of songs or movies, where you remember lyrics or dialogue because you paid attention and interest in it.
  • Same ways, you need to learn everything with interest and sincerity to remember it for the long term.

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What are the reasons for students fearing the exams and how to deal with it?

  • Have you ever thought what actually exam fear is? It is not the fear of exam rather it is fear of the bad result.
  • Students, generally, over think about the questions that will be asked in the exams as well as the result as per their preparation.
  • They wonder what type of questions will be asked in the question paper. Will there be questions out of syllabus? Have I studied enough to get good marks on the exam? What more can I study to get more marks?
  • This over-thinking affects their preparation and gives them stress. Students must not think such things rather they should just focus on their preparation and to perform well in exams.
  • Students need to maintain their self-confidence about their performance in exams. Calm down and drive away any negative thoughts. Stay confident and positive as anxiety will affect your preparation and performance in exams.
  • Students can practice as many as previous year questions papers to clear their confusion about the type of questions and they must study everything mentioned in their syllabus for board exams 2018.

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