IAS Prelims 2014:General Studies Paper I: Model Test Set I eBook

IAS Prelims is round the corner and the D day is on 24 August 2014.

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IAS Prelims 2014 is round the corner and the D day is on 24 August 2014. That single day will decide the selection of around 1000 civil servants who will serve the country in the coming years. To attain success in those 4 hours the candidates must practice before hand so that on the day of exam they remain cool, calm and confident. Moreover as the English Saying goes Practice makes Man Perfect there is always room for improvement. The IAS Prelims Syllabus is so vast to cover and hence this eBook will help.

So to practice there is need for new questions and there explanations.
Jagranjosh.com has come up with the new set of questions and there elaborative answers which will help the candidates in their preparation. The sole aim of Jagranjosh.com is to prepare the candidates well for the IAS Prelims 2014 as it is the first step towards achieving the candidate’s dream.

The Online test eBook is a new format for the candidates so that they can get maximum information in minimum time. They can access all the questions and the answers with their elaborative explanations.

This eBook has 100 Questions with their answers and explanations.


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