JEE Main-2015: Physics analysis

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Created On: Apr 6, 2015 16:35 IST

It was the toughest amongst the three sections of JEE Main-2015; the questions that were included in this section were a little tricky. Out of the 30 questions from Physics, only five questions were theory based, the rest 25 were numerical based questions. Some questions in this section were ambiguous, which increased the difficulty level. Questions on Mechanics were less than expected and there were more questions on Circuits, Waves & SHM. In this section, there were ‘Match-the-following’ type questions.

  • 18 questions required very less calculation and were from topics that were common with JEE Advanced syllabus.
  • About 4 to 5 questions were lengthy but could easily be solved by students who were preparing for JEE Advanced too.
  • Rest of the questions were from topics exclusive in JEE Main syllabus (like EM waves and Semiconductors) and were easy for students who prepared for their Class 11 school exams and Class 12 board exams well.


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