Life at FMS: A B-schools that makes you toil Day and Night

There are various factors involved when picking a B-school and campus life at FMS or any B-school is one major deciding factor. You would want to know what life at FMS has to offer, how it is different from others, does it match up to your expectation and many more such questions.

Life at FMS
Life at FMS

Life at FMS - The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) is a part of one of the most coveted universities in the world- The University of Delhi. MBA from FMS is a dream that many aspirant carry, but very few attain. Established in 1954, the institute was incepted with focus on management education and not just on business management. The B-school uses a variety of teaching and learning techniques to impart skills and knowledge to its students at FMS. Case Analysis, Syndicates, Lectures, and Simulation games and exercises, you name it they have it, are used to develop analytical, conceptual and decision making skills in students. As an MBA aspirant, you may have been in two minds between the IIMs and FMS Delhi; a common dilemma faced by many. There are various factors involved when picking a B-school and campus life at FMS or any B-school is one major deciding factor. You would want to know what life at FMS has to offer, how it is different from others, does it match up to your expectation and many more such questions.  

Without any further adieu, let us give you a glimpse of the campus life at FMS and leave it up to you to decide and take the plunge.

Do Not Judge FMS by its Simple Infrastructure

Infrastructure is another element many consider when selecting a B-school, but at FMS it is more than just being an infrastructure dummy. Not your fault, look around and you will see majority B-schools promoting themselves solely on their infrastructure capacity. That is not the case when you enter the FMS campus, you will witness a red building structure that till now has changed many lives for the better. Life at FMS isn’t like your regular B-school life where the campus is in the nooks and corners away from the main city. But campus life at FMS is amazing in itself; thanks to its central location in North Campus, Delhi University. As you set your foot outside the FMS campus, you will be amazed to witness the college life in Delhi. Kamla Nagar is one such popular hangout area that has everything from shopping to the grocery to food joints to basically everything a student would need.

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Enjoy the Proximity to Delhi  

Located in the heart of North Delhi, studying in FMS is going to be a different experience altogether. You will have access to major markets in Delhi; thanks to Delhi Metro, you can access famous markets like Connaught Place, Janpath, Sarojni Nagar and INA Market among others. Another major striking feature of life at FMS is the neighbouring pioneer colleges such as Kirori Mal College (KMC), St. Stephen College, Hans Raj College, Ramjas College and Miranda House to name a few. When at FMS, you will have the opportunity to visit these colleges during their fests seasons or for academic competitions/ events.

The B-school offers hostel accommodation for its full-time MBA students, yet due to its stiff hostel admission process; many prefer to stay in PG’s or sharing flats. The rents at these rental flats are pretty affordable compared to the hefty hostel fees at major B-schools.

MBA without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket 

You want to pursue an MBA from a reputed B-school, but you do not have the financial means to do so, FMS is the perfect B-school is such a case. Life at FMS for many is going to be stress-free in terms of tuition fee compared to B-schools with towering fees leading to hefty loan amounts. FMS is the place if you want to pursue MBA from a premier B-school without burning a hole in your pocket. The annual tuition fee for a full-time MBA programme is Rs. 10,480 per annum. The amount is nothing compared to other popular B-schools. Though FMS offers world-class MBA programme at a decent fee, it doesn’t compromise on its academic front. At FMS, you will be at an advantage of studying in small batch size wherein you will know everybody and everybody will know you. There will be a sense of belongingness and friendship, owing to the induction and ice-breaking sessions in the initial period that you all will go through.

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Variety is the Spice of Life at FMS

At FMS, you will soon realize there is no scope to get bored, you will always be on your toes, rushing to classes, attending guest lectures, submitting assignments, preparing case studies and what not. Academics at FMS is not only about classrooms whiteboard or the powerpoint presentations, but it is also about field trips, group tasks, individual/ group projects and bunking together that encourage you to think beyond FMS. Apart from academics, life at FMS will be surrounded by various student societies that come with gripping events to keep you running around. The B-school basically drives you to participate in competitions and live projects that will help you explore the never-ending possibilities that exist for a B-school student.

The campus life at FMS is filled with a dose of motivation in the air, due to individuals having professional experience that they share and you learn with time. This is a journey that you must experience it for yourself to have a better experience to share.

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