Life at MDI: Comprehensive Learning both within and outside the Classroom

MDI is one of the first B-school in India to be internationally accredited by Association of MBA (AMBA), UK and South Asian Quality System (SAQS).  No wonder it is one of the major components students consider when picking the glove-fit B-school. But what else, what are the other X-factors that students look for in a perfect B-school?

Life at MDI
Life at MDI

Life at MDI - Spread across 40 acres of lush green campus, Management Development Institute (MDI) is a fine example of B-school that promises both world-class educations and once in a lifetime experience. MDI is one of the first B-school in India to be internationally accredited by Association of MBA (AMBA), UK and South Asian Quality System (SAQS). No wonder it is one of the major components students consider when picking the glove-fit B-school. But what else, what are the other X-factors that students look for in a perfect B-school? When considering a top B-school, students want to know how they are going to survive the hectic management battles after class; the answer to this is simple- the campus life at MDI.

For those eyeing the MDI, we bring to you the ‘Life at MDI’ that you one day are going to experience. Let’s find out what the fuss is all about.

A Kick-start Journey

Not everyone makes it into their dream B-school like you did, thousands of others are grinding, hustling to secure admission in a premier B-school. But you are here which a big deal in itself is especially for those did not make it to MDI. You need the make the most of it, squeeze MDI till the last drop and gulp down the learning and experience. Your life at MDI is going to start with a bang, no literally; you will need to keep up with the MDI pace. Not that you should be worried, your seniors will make sure you do not miss out on any interaction/ ice breaking sessions as you enter the MDI campus.

Keeping up with MDI Pace

One of the most essential features of MDI is the utter thoroughness of academic life it makes students go through. There won’t be a single day where you will be sitting idle; you will find yourself struggling to complete the assignments, preparing for quiz tests and actively participating in the ice breaking sessions. Time plays a vital role in your life at MDI, you may feel deprived of time yet with time you will emerge as a winner who has managed everything in no time. This is the speciality of a B-school like MDI that hones you to learn the art of prioritizing and getting work done in no time.  These skills will be a boon for the rest of your life outside MDI.

Beyond Books

MDI is not all about inside the classrooms and it does not believe in just excelling in classrooms. Instead, it emphasizes the overall learning both inside and outside the class, no wonder the life at MDI is filled with extracurricular activities, cultural fests and events. A wide range of clubs has been established for an all-round growth of a student. These include IMPERIUM, an annual inter B-school management and cultural fest, ILLUMINA- a disguised market research festival that provides companies a unique occasion to study consumer behaviour with the help of disguised market research designed by students at MDI. Apart from these fests, MDI is also home to student groups such as FOCUS, VAGMI, ARAMBH, SPORTSCOM and Sanskriti among others. In all, there won’t be a dull boring day; campus life at MDI will be full of surprises hurled at you.

Unplanned Companionships

MDI is a melting pot of diverse cultures with students hailing from sundry backgrounds; a perfect place to meet and rub shoulders with some of the smartest minds in the country. You will have plenty of opportunities to make friends, some that will last a lifetime. These companionships can be later used to one’s own benefit. This is also another way to sharpen your networking skills and build relationships with your peers, professors and of course the seniors. The value of networking is not unknown and will come into use as you move along in life. Apart from networking within the campus, you will also have guest faculty and lecturers who can help you outside MDI when you are ready to take on the industry.

The experience of spending two-year of your life at MDI is going to be different for each one of you out there. These two-year at MDI is going to be etched with some memorable events and learning in your life. It should be lived up to the best, enjoyed to the fullest without any regrets.

Student Speak

To get an insider’s take on the Life at MDI Gurgaon, Jagranjosh connected with Anuj Singh - a student of National Management Programme Class - 2018-19 at MDI Gurgaon. Here’s what he has to say:

Jagran Josh: How is the campus life at MDI, Gurgaon? What made you pick MDI over other B-schools, something that makes it stand out from others?

Anuj Singh: Campus life at MDI Gurgaon is a unique mix of tradition and modernity. It provides a congenial environment that not just nurtures but stimulates the interest of the best minds that receive it. The Institute lays great emphasis on holistic development of students. Students are provided with a range of opportunities outside the classroom as well - be it industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits.

What made me pick MDI over other business schools is its strong foothold in the industry and the opportunities provided by the Institute to interact with and learn from accomplished people. Business leaders, representatives of government and non-government organizations, artists and intellectuals regularly visit the campus to deliver talks and presentations that provide insights into the careers and personal attributes of these role-models.

Jagran Josh: How is the academic schedule at MDI? How do you start and end your day?

Anuj Singh: The academic schedule is designed in such a manner that it creates an environment of personal as well as professional learning. My day starts early morning with a walk, and then my classes are scheduled for most of the day. In the evening I use the gym facility on our campus and then complete my assignments and group projects, post that I visit library.

Jagran Josh: There are various academic and activity clubs at MDI. Are you part of any such clubs? Share some of the activities and their experience.

Anuj Singh:  I am Student Coordinator of Corporate Communications Team at MDI. Apart from that, I am equally involved in sports and cultural clubs. We have started the corporate talk series - “Eunoia”, which is conducted every alternate week, wherein we invite industry leaders to share their experiences of industry along with giving insights on emerging strategies and technologies.

Jagran Josh: Tell us something about MDI’s annual fests, cultural fests, and various competitions.

Anuj Singh: There are a plethora of fests and competitions that take place in MDI. Starting with Business Case solving to Business Plan presentations, hackathons, case writing, Business quizzes, etc; the list is never-ending. Apart from academic competitions, there are fests and activities organized by the theatre club, marketing, strategy, HR, Operations, Finance, and cultural committee. Students get the opportunity to learn and explore different dimensions of their personality. It’s a celebration of art, dance, and music. It is the most sought-after extravaganza in the entire NCR Region, wherein other B-schools are also invited to participate and showcase their talent.

Jagran Josh: How do you spend your time when not studying?

Anuj Singh: I prefer to go to the library and read books. We have a library which is one of a kind in entire NCR Region. Also, I am an active sportsman, we have facilities like cricket ground, badminton, Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball Courts, Snooker room and a world class gym.

Jagran Josh: Tell us something about the hostel life? How do you relax after a day full of classes and activities?

Anuj Singh: Hostel life at MDI Gurgaon is one of its kinds. We have best of the facilities at our hostel. We are provided with reception halls, air-conditioned dining halls, and air-conditioned Semi-furnished rooms. We have a TV room where we watch movies and host Birthday celebrations of our fellow candidates. We gang up to watch cricket and football matches, it is a scene in itself. Hostel life at MDI is a great getaway from the rigorous academic schedule.

Jagran Josh: Please share a message for future MDI, Gurgaon aspirants. How they should prepare themselves before joining the institute and what they can expect?

Anuj Singh: I would just like to share a quote for the future aspirants that “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills. So you need to slog your way to MDI Gurgaon and slog even more for the entirety of the course, but trust me it is worth it in the end.

Campus life at MDI will be one hell of a ride!

Good Luck!

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