Maharashtra Board HSC Examination 2016 Question Papers

Make your board exam preparations easy and effective by solving the previous year question papers. Previous year question papers serve as an important source to know important topics and type questions asked in board exams.

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Maharashtra Board HSC Question Papers
Maharashtra Board HSC Question Papers

In this article you will get the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Board Examination 2016 question papers. You will get the HSC Board question papers for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All the question papers are available in PDF format.

Importance of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Board Examination 2016 Question Papers

  • Previous year board question papers are quite helpful for board exam preparations as these papers
  • Help to understand exam pattern and marking trends
  • Guide students to focus upon the questions which are important for exams
  • Offer a variety of problems based on different topics for students to practice
  • Are perfect for practice as well testing your exam preparedness
  • Help in building student's confidence for the final examination

Maharashtra Board HSC Examination 2017 Question Papers

How to solve the previous year question papers?

Students must solve the previous year question papers by setting the conditions like those in the real board exam so that they may get the examination’s experience beforehand.

  • Make sure that before you start solving a previous year paper of a particular subject, you have got all the concepts cleared involved in that subject.
  • Try and solving the question paper without seeing the solutions.
  • Once you are done with the complete paper then refer the solutions to find out where were you going wrong.
  • While solving a previous year paper, if you find yourself struck even at the initial steps, then it will be better to revise the concepts and try once again.
  • Don’t just solve the papers orally. Solve each problem on a notebook or paper because at times it just happens that on seeing a question we feel that we will be able to do it but while writing during the exam we get struck in between the solution. So practicing by writing down will ensure that you do not miss any of the steps.

Solving a number of previous year papers helps to brush up your preparations for the final exams and ensures high scores.

Find below the links for the various question papers of Maharashtra HSC Board Exams 2016. Students can view and download the question paper for each subject from the respective link given in the following table:

Question Paper Name

Question Paper Link

HSC Mathematics Question Paper 2016


HSC Physics Question Paper 2016


HSC Chemistry Question Paper 2016


HSC Biology Question Paper 2016


Maharashtra Board HSC Question Papers are the best revision tools and must be made an integral part of the exam preparation.


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