NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 10

Check NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English subject Marigold Textbook - Unit 2. In this article, you can find NCERT Solutions for both the chapters under Unit 10

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 10
NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 10

In this article, we have provided Class 5 NCERT Solutions for Unit 10 of the English subject. The NCERT solutions have been provided after a detailed analysis of the marking scheme of CBSE by the English subject expert. Class 5th students can study the answers provided here to score well in school as well as Class 5th exams.  Unit 10 of Marigold Textbook comprises of two chapters as mentioned below:

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Chapter 1: Mallu Bhalu

Summary: A little polar bear, named Malu Bhalu lived in an icy lair. She learnt to catch fish from her parents. She wanted to see things beyond the blue sky. But her mother suggested her to have patience until she learnt swimming. Very soon she learnt that skill too with the help of her mother. Her mother was sure that Malu Bhalu was brave and fearless.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 10 | Chapter 1

Ques: Where did the polar bear live with her family?

Answer: The polar bear lived in an icy lair with her family.

Ques: What did Malu learn to do from her parents?

Answer: Malu learnt fishing and swimming from her parents.

Ques: Where did Malu want to travel?

Answer: Malu wanted to travel beyond the vast blue sky.

Ques: What was it that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn?

Answer: They wanted Malu to learn the art of swimming.

Ques: Was Malu scared to swim? Did she learn it easily?

Answer: Yes, Malu was scared to learn swimming. Yes, she learnt it easily.

Ques: Read the last two stanzas of the poem. Whom does ‘she’ stand for in both?

Answer: In the first stanza ‘she stands for Malu Bhalu and in the second stanza ‘she’ stands for her mother.

Chapter 2 Who Will be Ningthou?

Summary: This is a story from Manipur about what. qualities make a good ruler. The king and queen were so good that they always wanted to see their people happy. In return, they were loved dearly by the people. The birds and animals too loved them. They had three sons and a daughter whom they named Sanatombi. She was good at heart and loved by all.

The king grew old in due course. He decided to choose his heir. He tested all his three sons for the qualities of a good ruler but he found that no one was worthy of becoming a ruler. Hence he chose his twelve-year-old daughter, Sanatombi as his heir because she could feel the pain of the people, the animals, the birds, and the trees. Everyone was happy with their future queen.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 10| Chapter 2

Ques: Name the place in Manipur where the Ningthou and Leima ruled.

Answer: Kangleipak

Ques: Why did the people of Kangleipak love their king and queen?

Answer: The people of Kangleipak loved their king and queen because they loved them very much and always wanted to see them happy.

Ques: Why did the Ningthou want to choose a future king?

Answer: The Ningthou wanted to choose a future king because he grew old.

Ques: How did the king want to select their future king?

Answer: The king wanted to select their future king by holding a contest. He wanted to see who was worthy of becoming a good ruler.

Ques: What kind of child was Sanatombi?

Answer: She was a lovely child, soft and beautiful inside.

Ques: Have you ever seen an animal or a bird in pain? What did you do?

Answer: Once I saw an astray dog coming under a running car. Both of his hind legs got bruised. The car driver did not pay attention to. But I went near the injured dog, brought him in my verandah, and gave him first aid. Only after then, he stopped crying.

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