RBI Grade ‘B’ Exam Phase I 2017: Financial Awareness Quiz -5

The Banking team of jagran josh are providing the GK quiz for the RBI Grade B phase I exam. The quiz mainly consist question on banking awareness.

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GK quiz for RBI Grade B

There will be 80 questions in RBI Grade B Phase I exam 2017. Candidates are advised to revise important current affairs of last six months.


  1. The Headquarter of European Union is locates in which of the following cities?

a)      Basel

b)      Brussels

c)       Athens

d)      Berlin

e)      Paris

Ans: option (b)       


 2. Which of the following is the country’s umbrella body for all retail payment system?

a)      SWIFT

b)      NPCI

c)       IBA

d)      RBI

e)      None of these

Ans: option (b)           

 3. In Limited Liability partnership (LLP) what is the extent of liability of a partner?

a)      Liability of a partnership is joint and several

b)      Each partner is fully liable

c)       Limited to the extent of his share holding

d)      Each partner is not liable not only to the extent of his share but also to the share of either partners in case of any shortfall

e)      None of these

Ans: option (c)            


4. The World Aids Day is observed across the world every year on-

a)      10th December

b)      9th December

c)       11th December

d)      1st December

e)      None of these

Ans: option (d)           


5. Which of the following authorities issues IEC code to enable an entity to undertake export/ import business in our country?

a)      RBI

b)      Ministry of Finance

c)       DGFT

d)      SEBI

e)      MCX

Ans: option (c)            


6. Which of the following issues Commercial Paper?

a)      RBI

b)      Government of India

c)       SEBI

d)      Individual Banks Only

e)      Corporate

Ans: option (e)           


 7. Which of the following organization has introduced the Rupay debit card?

a)      RBI

b)      MASTER

c)       VISA

d)      AMEX

e)      NPCI

Ans: option (e)           


8. Dronacharya Award is an award presented by the Government of India for the excellence in

a)      Sports Coaching

b)      Army Training

c)       Economic Research

d)      Literature

e)      None of these

Ans: option (a)           


9. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) tightened the rules of Joint Lenders’ Forum (JLF) under “Framework for Revitalising Distressed Assets in the Economy – Guidelines on Joint Lenders’ Forum (JLF) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP)”. Which of the following statement mention in the guideline?

a)      It calls for early identification of stressed assets and timely implementation of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to preserve the economic value of stressed assets.

b)      It reiterates that lenders must scrupulously adhere to the timelines prescribed in the JLF Framework for finalising and implementing the CAP.

c)       Any bank which does not support the majority decision on the CAP, may exit subject to substitution within the stipulated time line.

d)      Any non-adherence to these rules and timelines specified under the Framework will attract monetary penalties on the concerned banks under the provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

e)      All of these

Ans: option (e)           


 10. A United Nations (UN) recently released its annual flagship report titled 'The Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2017'. As per the report India is expected to achieve economic growth of ------ in 2017.

a)      7 per cent

b)      7.1 per cent

c)       7.2 per cent

d)      7.3 per cent

e)      None of these

Ans: option (b)

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