Rewarding career options in Marketing

Want to build a career as a marketing professional? Know about some money-making career options available in this sector.

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Rewarding career options in Marketing
Rewarding career options in Marketing

With several companies offering the same products and services, attracting customers and increasing the acceptance of a particular product or service among them is a very difficult task. To overcome this challenge, the companies run on-screen and off-screen promotion campaigns before and after the official launch of any product or service in the market. With the increase in the number of companies running product promotion campaigns, marketing has become one of the industries that employ a big number of professionals. Marketing can take you in several directions with a good number of career options. But, you can’t select a right a career option for you if you don’t know about it. Taking this into account, we have enlisted and explained about some money-making marketing career options in this article. It would help you to choose the best-suited career option that could give you fruitful result.

Market Research

As a market research professional, you will have to research about the target group, which can be a company or an individual. To increase the acceptability of your products and services as well as for the company, you must have a good understanding of the market and business scenario. In your research on customers, you need to understand their requirements, and purchasing habits with the help of surveys, studies, and data. A market research professional work on the different positions listed below. 

Different positions in Market Research:

•Market Research Director

•Market Research Manager

•Market Research Supervisor

•Market Analyst

Brand Management

It’s among the popular positions available in the marketing which holds key responsibility in consumer product industries. As a brand manager, you will have to figure out competitors in their brand’s category while instilling the company’s brand essence. For it, he/she must have the ability to communicate the unique selling points (USP) to the customers. Apart from it, you might have to supervise the market research team and select stimuli like a product-benefit statement, pictures, product samples, and video clips. After research, you as a brand manager will need to develop a market strategy after analyzing the data. As a brand management professional, you can get opportunities to work in the different positions. 

Positions in Brand Management:

•Brand Manager

•Product Manager

•Product Development Manager


If you consider advertising as a career that you want to pursue you will have to work on every possible aspect related to marketing, including developing a concept for product promotion to the execution of the strategy. You might also be employed on business side position of advertising such as Account Management, Account Planner, and Media buyer. In addition, there are some other positions which you can pursue as an Advertising professional. Here is a complete list.    

Positions in Advertising:

•Advertising Managers

•Advertising Sales Director

•Account Executives

•Account Planners

•Media Director

•Media Coordinator

•Media Buyers


In every corporate company, a dedicated team is assigned responsibilities to promote the products and services. The promotion team members create programs that highlight the purchase incentives such as special discounts, coupons, samples, gifts with purchase, rebates, and sweepstakes. To promote the Ad campaigns, the team often needs to ask directly for telemarketing, in-store displays, advertisements, product endorsements or special kick-off events. As a promotion professional, you can be employed on the position listed below.

Positions in Promotions:

•Promotions Director

•Promotions Assistant

•Public Relations

Public Relations

Managing the dialogue process with the media, consumers, employees, investors, and the general public is among the major responsibilities of a public relation professional. Apart from it, the role of a PR professional includes writing press releases for the promotion of new products or for informing the business community about the business partnerships and financial results. They spend time responding to questions, requests, and other feedback related to the performance of a product as well as the company when they work out of media relations. In public relation, there are many positions available.

Positions in Public Relations:

•Account Coordinator or Public Relations Coordinator

•Account Executive

•Media Relations

•Director, Vice-President

•Government PR Departments

•PR Consultant


Marketing has emerged as one of the top industries that employ and offer numerous opportunities for growth and success to a great number of professionals. But, building career in this field requires creativity, knowledge, communication skills, and of course some important details related to the different positions available in this ever-growing industry. In this article, we have provided you some important details that can help you to select the best-suited career option in marketing.

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