Should you re-join your previous job?

Doubtful about re-joining your previous job? Take a look at these factors to make a sound decision without having to worry too much!

previous job
previous job

Getting a call from your previous employer asking you to re-join your earlier organization is a wonderful feeling. But the decision regarding re-joining your old job can surely drown you into a sea of dilemma. There are many factors one must consider before going back to their old job. These include their bonding with colleagues, managers and most important of all - the job profile that they would handle So, if you are thinking about switching your current job in order to get back to your old organization; there are few things you must keep in mind.

In case you are doubtful about getting back to your previous employer, take a look at these aspects and decide wisely:

1. You are being offered a challenging role

When your previous employer offers a challenging role, don’t think twice! Grab the opportunity with good grace. The job offer is not a bait to trap you rather you should consider it as a gesture of appreciation. Companies don’t call back every other employee, but only those who have proved their mettle. Such employees are welcomed back to the old organization whole-heartedly. In case you find the new job profile challenging, and if it helps to enhance helps you enhance your current skill set, go for the previous job!  

2. The new management is better than the previous one

At times employees leave organisation because the management’s policies that doesn’t sync with their thinking. Hence they scout for better opportunities outside. But if you get the news that the current management is better compared to the previous one, don’t hold on to any grudges. Confirm with your colleagues that the new policies are the ones you can work with. If the policies are sound enough to let you balance you work-life, you must take up this opportunity. Give your previous employer a second chance to elevate the path of your career growth.

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3. Your colleagues miss you a lot

One of the reasons cited by employees before quitting is the urge to experience change in life. And quitting helps to break the shackles of a spiritless workday! But when you’re good at what you do, old boss/manager asks the management to hire you once again. Embrace this surprise and get back in the groove with your old buddies. Workplace is not just defined by the work you do, but also by the people you meet and share your day with.

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4. Your current job lacks job satisfaction

Accepting a new opportunity because it offers a hefty paycheque is quite natural! But you shouldn’t regret this decision. Every decision leaves a person with a learning or a lesson. If your current job doesn’t push you to work hard, it is time to revisit the previous one, in case you are lucky enough to get this chance. Beyond financial incentives, there are several non-financial incentives that are responsible for job satisfaction. When your current employer fails to keep you satisfied in your current job, don’t cling to your current job. Your previous employer understands your needs better and they won’t have much difficulty in rewarding and appreciating you in the best possible way.

5. Offered a competitive salary than your current one

People often switch jobs because the current remuneration is less to fulfil their financial obligations. In case your ex-employer offers you lucrative incentives and perks, why to waste your time and efforts in hunting for a new job. Make best use of this opportunity and use your previous job as a cash cow to incentivise the financial needs of your life.

To sum up…

Going back to your previous employer, colleagues, co-workers and workplace is always a rare opportunity. Organisations often re-hire those employees who are valued due to their work and behaviour. If you look at the brighter side of this picture, you will realise that you were hard to forget and harder to lose!  

So before you sign off, congratulations because

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