Work from Home: 6 rules to complete your work on time

Follow these 6 golden rules of work from home to ensure that you complete all your office work on time while also managing your household commitments.

Created On: Sep 18, 2017 18:54 IST
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Work from Home: 6 rules to complete your work on time
Work from Home: 6 rules to complete your work on time

Work from Home is an emerging trend that has caught the fancy of working professionals in India. Especially professionals who have to manage their professional commitment along with household work and other social commitment; working from home can turn out to be the ultimate solution. But like all good things, work from home comes with its own set of challenges. Although, it sounds amazingly easy, but managing your professional work from home while also addressing all the needs of your household is super complicated. Work from home becomes a major challenge when to deal with ageing parents, kids coming back from school or an uninvited guest; sometimes all of these together.

If you are also facing similar challenges while availing this amazing opportunity of working from home, worry not; we have got you covered! To help you out of this sticky situation we have listed down 6 golden rules of working from home that will help you strike perfect balance between your office work and household commitments. So, let’s begin!

Ditch the PJs; put on some ‘Pants’

For majority of the professionals who avail the facility of work from home make the cardinal mistake of starting their office work in their night suits or PJs without; at time even without brushing their teeth. This might be the first nail in the coffin of your ‘Work from Home’ schedule. It might seem amazingly cozy to grab a laptop in your blanket, but the final output of the work you do without getting in the right mode will be significantly lower. Therefore, make sure that you ditch those PJs and put on your work clothes, it will help you stay focused on your work at all times. Moreover, completing your regular morning office routine on time, will also keep you on track as far as daily deadlines are concerned.

Find your work corner

This point again flows form the earlier one. If you decide to ‘Work from Home’ make sure that you mark a nice work corner for the same in your house. If possible, try to choose a room or a corner that is away from all the other distractions like television, music which might be used by other family members. For instance, if you choose to setup your work desk next to a common bathroom, you will be disturbed every time someone chooses to use it. Also, you must setup a dedicated work desk and not start your work on a couch or bed; as the wrong posture may tire out soon and affect your performance.

Let Music Work its Magic

An average Indian household is quite noisy; be it television, music, noise from the kitchen or kids enjoying their play hours after school. All this noise may make working from home a nightmare for you. Despite the best intentions and attempts on the part of the family members, controlling household noise is something that cannot be achieved easily. Here’s where you can take the help of music. Build a nice playlist that puts you in the right mood to work and plug in your headphones. This will not only help you keep all the noise at bay but also help you concentrate on your work.

Build your work routine

While work from home is a great option to juggle your professional and household commitments at the same time; you still need to define a well-tailored work routine to keep things on track. If you have a client call lined up for the afternoon, make sure you don’t commitment your friend that quick shopping trip to the mall. You will never take your friend out to a mall on a normal work day if you were working from office; so follow the same when you are working from home. Building a work routine will also help you keep away from unnecessary distractions while also helping you meet all the deadlines of the day.

Take a proper Lunch Break

Lunch is super important, be it working from office or working from home. But in our craziness of trying to manage work and home at the same time, we often end up ignoring the very important lunch hour. Even if we do manage to grab a quick bite while working from home, we often do it along with our work. This is a very wrong practice! Your body is not a machine and needs regular breaks, so make sure you take a proper lunch break while also working from home. The ideal way to ensure you have a proper lunch is to sync it with the lunch hour of your kids. This way, you will never skip the lunch hour and give proper break to your mind and body.

Stay in touch with your Office

If you have been working for some time now, you must have realized that doing any job properly requires effective communication. This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing your work from home. Working in isolation only on the basis of brief provided on an email or chat might not suffice. You have to constantly stay in touch with your office to work. In case you feel that there is some ambiguity in communication, feel free to pick up the phone and give your colleague a call for clarity. Staying in touch will also ensure that you are filled in on all the important updates, meeting briefs and the plan that has been rolled out for the day.

To sum it up, working from home is an amazing option for working professionals to avoid the challenges of managing work and home at the same time. But to extract the best of your work hours at home, you must follow the aforementioned golden rules of work from home to make sure you meet your deadlines and complete the work effectively.

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