UPSC IAS 2022: Strategy For Aspirants Who Have Failed In UPSC Civil Services Exam More Than Once!

Here are some tips for those aspirants who have failed the UPSC CSE more than once. The exam not only tests the knowledge of the candidates but also their patience. Check the strategies below. 

UPSC IAS 2022: Prelims Tips
UPSC IAS 2022: Prelims Tips

UPSC Civil Services exam not just tests the knowledge of an aspirant but also his/her patience. This exam is attempted by millions every year but only a few hundreds clear it and become IAS officers.  Many candidates do not succeed in their first attempt and we had discussed the reasons in our previous article, the link for which has been shared below. In this article, we shall discuss a few tips and strategies to be followed by those candidates who have failed their UPSC exams more than once. 


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UPSC IAS 2022: Tips For Those Who Have Failed UPSC CSE More Than Once 

Check out these tips by experts which would prove to be helpful for all those who wish to appear for the UPSC exam but have failed many times.

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  • Do Not Forget The Past: 

People generally advise you to forget the past and prepare for the future. However, this would bring no good in this case. You need to go through your mistakes in the previous attempts and start your preparation by sliding past them. 

UPSC exam is all about learning from mistakes and not making them again. It is a very unforgiving exam in itself. 

  • Start Working From Day 1 After The Exam You Failed In: 

You need no time to relax after a failed exam to start your preparation. If you failed in UPSC Prelims, start preparing for the next attempt from the very next day. 1 day is enough to analyse what is not working for you as the aspirant knows best where he/ she went wrong. After this, there should be no time wasted sobbing about the failed exam. Pull your socks up and start your preparation. 

  • Do Not Adopt Your Previous Strategy: 

If your previous strategy was correct, you would have been selected in UPSC CSE. You definitely need a new strategy based on your previous attempts and mistakes. Instead of sticking to the past, accept the change and move on because that is what can help you clear the exam and become an IAS officer.

  • Think About The Optional If You Have To:

In case you did not clear the Mains exam and did not fare well in the Optional subject, maybe it's time you tried some other subject. Changing optional subject mid-way is not appreciated but the candidates must not stick to the optional just for the sake of it. 

  • Do Not Follow Someone Else’s Strategy:

Candidates are advised not to follow someone else’s strategy. You must follow your own strategy at all times. Others can motivate you but can never tell you how to prepare as per your capacity. 

Following these tips can help you get selected for the UPSC Civil Services exam in the next attempt. UPSC Civil Services Prelims would be conducted in June 2022. 

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