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WBJEE: Important Questions and Preparation Tips – Electric Current

Oct 25, 2017 17:51 IST
    WBJEE 2018: Electric Current
    WBJEE 2018: Electric Current

    Students can’t miss any single topic of any subject if they want to get selected in WBJEE Examination 2018. But it is not possible for students to revise the complete theory before the examination. To tackle this problem students will have to make notes which should consists of all important concepts, formulae and previous year solved questions.

    Electric Current is one of the important chapters in the syllabus of WBJEE entrance examinations. About 2-4 questions are being asked from this chapter in WBJEE examination. Find chapters notes of chapter Electric Current for WBJEE Entrance Examination 2018.

    These notes include all important topics of chapter Electric Current like electric current, Ohm’s law, temperature dependence of resistivity, electrical energy, electrical power, combination of resistors, cell, emf, internal resistance, Kirchhoff’s rules, Wheatstone bridge, Meter Bridge etc.

    Important Questions and Preparation Tips – Electrostatics

    Important Concepts:

    WBJEE Electric current concepts 1

    WBJEE Electric current concepts 2

    WBJEE Electric current concepts 3

    Some previous years solved questions are given below:

    Question 1:

    A galvanometer having internal resistance 10Ω requires 0.01 A for a full scale defection. To convert this galvanometer to a voltmeter of full-scale deflection at 120V, we need to connect a resistance of

    (A) 11990 Ω in series

    (B) 11990 Ω in parallel

    (C) 12010 Ω in series

    (D) 12010 Ω in parallel

    Solution 1:

    We have,

    V = 120

    Ig = 0.01 A

    WBJEE Electric Current solution 1

    Hence, the correct option is (A).

    Important Questions and Preparation Tips - Thermodynamics

    Question 2:

    Four cells, each of emf E and internal resistance r, are connected in series across an external resistance R. By mistake one of the cells is connected in reverse. Then the current in the external circuit is

    WBJEE Electric Current question 2

    Solution 2:

    WBJEE Electric Current solution 2

    Hence, the correct option is (A).

    Important Questions and Preparation Tips – Laws of Motion

    Question 3:

    A circuit consists of three batteries of emf E1 = 1 V, E2 = 2 V and E3 = 3 V and internal resistances 1 Ω, 2 Ω and 1 Ω respectively which are connected in parallel as shown in the figure. The potential difference between points P and Q is

    WBJEE Electric Current question 3

    (A) 1.0 V

    (B) 2.0 V

    (C) 2.2 V

    (D) 3.0 V

    Solution 3:

    The batteries are connected in parallel so, the effective resistance is given as:

    WBJEE Electric Current solution 3

    So, the potential difference between two point P and Q = 2 Volt

    Hence, the correct option is (B).

    Important Questions and Preparation Tips – Work, Power and Energy

    Question 4:

    The current I in the circuit shown is

    WBJEE Electric Current question 4

    (A) 1.33 A

    (B) Zero

    (C)  2.00 A

    (D) 1.00 A

    Solution 4:

     WBJEE Electric Current solution 4

    Hence, the correct option is (A).

    Important Questions and Preparation Tips – Rotational Motion

    Question 5:

    Two cells A and B of e.m.f 2V and 1.5V respectively, are connected as shown in figure through an external resistance 10Ω. The internal resistance of each cell is 5 Ω. The potential difference EA and EB across the terminals of the cells A and B respectively are

    WBJEE Electric Current question 5

    Solution 5:

    Let i be the current flowing through the circuit

    On applying KVL,

    WBJEE Electric Current solution 5

    Hence, the correct option is (C).

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