Why Do We Fall Ill: Important questions and preparation tips

Here you can find the Science chapter, Why Do We Fall Ill Important Questions & Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 9 Semester Assessments 2017-2018. The questions have been prepared to cover all the important topics of the chapter. Students can solve these questions to revise the chapter and track their preparation level for the next exams to come.

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class 9 science important questions, class 9 why do we fall ill, class 9 science preparation tipsGet the CBSE Class 9th Science chapter, Why Do We Fall Ill: Important Questions & Preparation Tips 2015. This will provide you with a very clear idea about what type of questions are being framed for the exam and from which topics. The pattern in which the Question Paper is set is quite different from the style in which the course structure is actually defined. Consider the below mentioned terms/questions at the time of preparation.

  • Health of an organism depends upon the surroundings. How?
  • What do you understand by the term microorganism?
  • Define disease and symptom
  • What do you mean by acute and chronic diseases? Differences between acute and chronic diseases.
  • Enlist the various causes of disease
  • Name some common infectious disease
  • Explain the effect of antibiotic penicillin on bacterial cells.
  • Human cells not affected by penicillin? Why?
  • What are antibiotics? Why are antibiotics ineffective against viruses?
  • How do communicable or infectious diseases spread?
  • What is AIDS? How does AIDS spread?
  • Expand HIV
  • Define vectors? Name some vector transmitted diseases.
  • The signs and symptoms of a disease depend upon the tissue or organ targeted.  Explain
  • Explain, how does HIV damage our body
  • List the ways to kill the microbes
  • Two features of the immune system
  • Define vaccination and its principle
  • List some diseases for which vaccines are available
  • Who were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovery of treatment of peptic ulcer?
  • What is sanitation?
  • Write the conditions essential for good health
  • Why we are normally advised to take bland and nourishing food when we are sick?   
  • Causing agents of kala-azar, acne, and sleeping sickness.
  • Viruses are the connecting links between living and non-living- Reason
  • Name the diseases spread through air and water
  • If you have small pox once then there is no chance of contracting it again. Why?

Important Questions are as below:

Q. Give some example of bacterial disease

Q. List three diseases caused by protozoan

Q. What are koch’s postulates

Q. Give one example of fungal antibiotics

Q. Name the vector which causes malaria

Q. What is colostrums? Why mother’s milk is strongly advised for newborns

Q. What are the basic principles involved in medical treatment for a disease?

Q. Antibiotics are not much effective in common cold. Why?

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