Companies that offer the best Employee Benefits in India (Part - 2)

Check out this article for some of the best workplaces in India that offer amazing perks and benefits to their employees.

Companies that offer the best Employee Benefits in India
Companies that offer the best Employee Benefits in India

Companies come in all kinds while some like to watch the movement's of their employees with the hawks eye and go to even ban the use of mobile phones in the office campus. There are others who have a lot more relaxed philosophy and go on to shower their employees with great benefits and perks. They are of the belief take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers. Work from home, paternity leaves, adoption leaves, in-house crèche and other such attractive benefits for the employees have helped some of these establishments enter the list of the best places to work for in India. Let's have look at some of these companies and the amazing employee benefits offered by them. 

American Express

Company Profile:

The American Express Company, also known as the 'Ammex' is an American Multinational Financial Service Corporation with its headquarters in New York City. It's Indian arm known as the American Express (India) Private Limited offers accounting and financial process consolidation service to the American Express Company's businesses and operates as the subsidiary of American Express International Inc. It was founded in 1994 and has its head office in Gurgaon, India. Currently, the Amex office in India has an employee strength of around 12,000 people and it's often ranked among the top 10 places to work for in India. Some of the employee benefits and perks offered by Amex India are -

Employee Perks:

Creating an Inspiring Workplace is a top priority 

America Express Company holds a strong belief in building a workplace where the balance of an employee's personal and professional life is well taken care of. One of the facts that makes them the best place to work is their policies for promoting talent, growth and positive relationships with their employees. They encourage a work environment where different backgrounds, talents and perspective can thrive in harmony.

Promoting Talent and Growth

The 'People Leader Learning Path' is one of the most valued programs by leaders across all levels at Amex offices. This program provides a perspective approach to development for leaders depending upon their career stages. Apart from that regular people leader sessions on 'Employee Relations fundamentals' to help them maintain positive employee relations.

Rewards and Recognition

Amex offices have a rewards and recognition policy for performing employees and create a winning culture at the workplaces. 'Reward Blue' is a recognition program that allows for leaders and employees to recognize each other and reward great work and effort.

Fun At Work

There are a lot of fun activities that are organized to drive and inculcate a culture of gratitude and appreciation for each other in the organization.

Smart Savings 

A program called 'Smart Savings' helps employees educate themselves and enhance their long-term savings. Access to online portals and onsite helpdesks helps employees keep track and be updated of on their earnings and long-term savings.

SAP Labs India

Company Profile:

SAP is the world's largest business software company and is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. They have some amazing clients in their portfolio. SAP India began its operations in 1996 and is headquartered in Bangalore India. There are nine offices of SAP in India with an employee strength of around 5000 employees. Let's have a look at some of the reasons why SAP is ranked among the Top 10 places to work for in India.

Employee Perks:

There are a lot of companies that provide breakfast to the employees, there is nothing new in this. But, what if we were to tell you that at SAP Lab's breakfast is prepared by the senior management of the company, surprising right. Well, there many other such surprises when it comes to the perks that SAP labs offer to its employees and here's a small glimpse of it.

Exhibits caring attitude  for its employees

SAP Labs has plenty of initiatives that help them ensure their employee's satisfaction and happiness. From flexible work hours, great healthcare policies, 20-week long maternity leaves and initiatives like 'care for life' there are many things that SAP undertakes for its employees.

Care for Life

This is one of the major highlights of the employee benefits program undertaken by SAP Labs. This program is quite unique for the very fact that is managed entirely by the employees. 'Care for Life Fund' is an Employee Benevolent Fund that runs on purely voluntary participation. It's both funded and managed by the employees. The main purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to the employees and their families in the times of crisis or unforeseen emergencies. It operates through a trust and runs on a steady monthly contribution by the members.  

Work From Home and Temporary Part-time Work Policies

Employees are allowed to work from home or on a part-time basis for a limited period of time. Within the work from home facility, you can work from home for 4 days in a month or one day a week. As for the temporary part-time work facility the employee is entitled to work on a part time basis for a maximum of 4 months period in a year. You can work 50, 60, or 80 percent of your regular workload based on the agreement with your manager.

Initiatives for Women

SAP labs has some amazing initiatives in places for their women employees, some of which are as follows -

Maternity Leave Policy

Women employees at SAP are entitled to 20 weeks of paid maternity leaves. Furthermore, they can extend the leave to an additional period of 16 weeks with an option of loss of pay or part-time work option. They are also offered cab facilities in both during and post pregnancy period.

Run Mummier

This is a maternity program that helps the women employees return work in a smooth process after their maternity leaves. Another interesting feature is the 'Part Work from Home' which allows for the male employees the flexibility to work four hours at the office and rest at home after the birth of the child. They can even apply for paternity leaves. 

SAPlings in-house creche

SAP Labs runs an in-house creche where they cater to about 250 children in the age groups of 9 months to six years. And under this facility, the children of the employees are provided with daycare, Montessori education, summer camps along with many other interesting activities.

Other Activities

SAP has around 30 interest groups that cater to diverse interests of their employees. One can pursue their interest in the fields of drama, music, art, drama and many others.  

Intuit Technology

Company Profile:

Intuit India is an international subsidiary of Intuit Inc. USA. Intuit India started its operations in the year 2005 and is headquartered in Bangalore. It is one of the main development centers of Intuit Inc. outside of USA, the other one being Intuit Canada. They have an employee strength of about 800 employees currently. Intuit India was ranked number in the IT Category on India's Best Companies to work for 2017. Let's have some of the employee benefits offered by Intuit India that helped them achieved this feat.  

Employee Perks:

Innovation at Intuit

Intuit offers every employee an opportunity to grow, discover, and expand their personal and professional horizons. Employees are also encouraged to spend 10 percent of their time to pursue their dreams. This includes spending time working on a new product, participating in innovation forums designed to share ideas across the company, or providing the mobility to move to a new job down the hall or on the other side of the globe.

Maternity and Paternity Leaves

Employees at Intuit Technologies are entitled not just to maternity and paternity leaves but they can also entitled to discounts at partner crèches. They ensure that expecting mothers have their own dedicated parking space and a vehicle at their disposal to make travel easier for them. They even allow adoption leaves for employees who wish to adopt a child. Intuit offers a sum of Rs. 50,000 and 84 days of leaves to allow for new parents to bond with the child.

Healthcare facilities

Employees at Intuit Technology are entitled to a medical insurance of Rs. 5 lakhs for their families and at no cost to the employee themselves. One can even opt for Top-up medical insurance options wherein they are allowed to have a higher medical cover (i.e up to Rs 7-10 lakhs). Also, comprehensive health checkups are offered at leading hospitals and diagnostic centers based on the age groups of the employees. Preventive flu shorts are also given on-site to the employees.

Financial Benefits for the employees 

To ensure the financial fitness of the employees, Intuit has an employee stock purchase plan program which has a participation of 95%. They even provide the employee with the option of opting for National Pension scheme wherein they provide employers contributions towards the employee's pension fund. They even cover small business expenses of the employees such as that of the monthly broadband costs. All their employees are entitled to a monthly reimbursement of Rs. 2,000 per month on the broadband.

Pride Network

Pride Network is one of the most unusual aspects of employee perks at Intuit India. Many might be surprised to know that discussions related to LGBT issues are quite a common scenario at Intuit Technology. They strive hard to promote a work environment where differences are valued and respected.

So guys, here's the second part of the companies that offer the best employees benefits in India. You can read part one of this article here. For more such articles please visit,

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