Companies that offer the best Employee Benefits in India | Part 1

Some of the best companies to work for in India. Places that offer the best employee perks and benefits.

Companies that offer the best Employee Benefits in India
Companies that offer the best Employee Benefits in India

In a time when work-related stress has taken a heavy toll on the life of employees,  hefty pay packages are not the only factor that makes a company the best place to work in from an employee's point of view. A friendly working environment, healthcare facilities, flexible work hours, work from options and other such benefits are the dictating factors in making an organization the best place to work in. And there indeed are many companies that go out of their ways to make the employees enjoy and love their work and workplaces. They strive hard to offer their employees a good work-life balance. Let's have a look at some of the companies that offer the best employee benefits and facilities in India.

Google India

Company Profile:

Google is a tech giant company and when it comes to employee benefits it's offices are often ranked the number one company in almost all major surveys across the world. There are but a few companies that can compete with the employee benefits or the facilities provided by the Google offices. Google India has offices in 4 major cities in the country (Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai) and has employee strength of around 1900 people. The management here makes sure that all their employees get the right environment to grow and achieve their true potential.

Employee Perks:

Access to the best of the facilities, flexible work hours, fully equipped gyms, sleep pods, are just some of them the benefits of being a Googler. Let's have a detailed look at the employee benefits offered by Google.

Access to Beta Testing Products - The employees get access to Google products long before they are released to the public such as the products in the beta testing period, along with access to a lot of other Google products to get work done.

Fun Days at Work - Every Friday, Google offices host a 'Thank God It's Friday (TGIF)' after 4 PM which helps everyone mingle and work together. Also, the company hosts a 'Bureaucracy Buster' day every year where employees have an open platform to suggest changes to minimise policies that hinder speedy decisions and reduce excessive guideline to cut down on bureaucratic delays.

Fully Equipped Gym, Sleep Pods and Sports Facilities - Googlers have access not just to fully equipped gyms across the Google offices in India but also trainers and customized health programs. The recreational area in the office also offers various games such table tennis, pool, air hockey, football etc or you can also just simply head off to the sleep pods for a quick nap.

Unlimited Free Food- Googlers have an unlimited supply of snacks all day along with 3 full meals all free of cost. Also, you have an elaborate menu to satisfy your craving taste buds.

Annual Bring your Child to work day - Google organizes engagement activities for the employee's children every year. Also, it allows for the new employees to bring in their parents to work on a designated day. 


Company Profile:

RMSI is a global IT company that provides software solutions to a wide range of clients ranging from utilities, communication, natural resources, land and infrastructure, navigation, insurance, funding agencies etc. They have about 3500 employees in three different offices in Noida, Hyderabad and Dehradun and 5 international subsidiaries. RMSI has clients in more than 25 nations across the globe. It was also ranked the best company to work for in India as per the survey conducted by Great Places to Work Institute and The Economic Times in the year 2015.

Employee Perks:

When looking at the employees perks offered by RMSI you might be surprised to know that this is one of the few companies that has managed to topple the Google India from its position of number one company to work for in India. Some of the amazing employee benefits and facilities provided by RMSI are -

Entertainment Facilities - The office environment at RMSI is abuzz with various events and activities being held around the year. RMSI Acumania is a platform the provides the employees with an opportunity to display their various talents. What's more is that you can also enjoy blockbuster movies in the office cafeteria. If you have an interest in music you could join the in-house music band or take the in-house guitar lessons.

Health Programs - There are special health initiatives for woman employees such as that of conducting thyroid test camps, initiative for woman for breast and cervix cancer, or creating awareness and providing support for other gynecological problems. 

In-House Clubs and Classes - There are many in-house clubs and other activities that employees can become part of based on the interests and likings such as that of the photography club, movie making, guitar classes, painting, acting and many others.

Gym and Sports facilities - Apart from all this RMSI also offers self-defense workshops, Zumba classes and even organizes sports tournaments for its employees.

Counseling Services - Initiatives like parenting, relationship, child psychology etc help to ensure a good work-life balance for all the employees at RMSI.   

Marriot Hotels  

Company Profile:

Marriot Hotels is a leading global lodging company and it has been just 15 years since Marriot Hotels began their operations in India but they still have managed to make a name for themselves in the best places to work for in India. The philosophy of the founder of Marriot Hotels is, "Take care of associates and they will take care of the customers."And true to the point the company has proved itself to be such a workplace where they, 'Take Care of the Associates' quite literally. Marriot Hotels refers its employees as associates. Let's have a look at some of the employee benefits that make Marriot Hotels one of the best places to work for in India.  

Employee Perks:

Taking care of their associates is at heart of the core values at Marriot's. They ensure that anyone joining the staff ranks at Marriot feels like a part of the Marriot family. This practice of theirs can be traced back well to the early days of the hotel's inception when its founder JW Marriot used to counsel the employees individually on their personal problems at their first hotel. He even kept them posted on the latest developments and provided them with excellent training.

Staff Discounts and Benefits- Marriot offers staff discounts on the employees birthdays and anniversaries. They are allowed to have a meal for six in any Marriot Hotel or even enjoy a stay fir six people and have a chance at enjoying their own hospitality.

Excellent Growth Opportunities - Marriot Provides its employees with competitive pay packages and strives to give them a good work-life balance. Friendly work environment, great training facilities, open communication, talent development programs, international exposure, cross-departmental exposure, performance incentives are just some of the things that are responsible for boosting the employee morale.

Other Benefits - Additional to the things mentioned above Marriot employees are also provided with access to a gym, recreation activities, health insurance, international assignments, room stays etc.

So fellas, here's just a glimpse of what some of the best places to work for in India offer their employees. Watch this space for more such places and great employee benefits that they offer. Also, for more such articles please visit,

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