State Budget of Madhya Pradesh: 2013-14 presented in State Assembly

Raghavji presented the state budget of Madhya Pradesh for the financial year 2013-14 with a total plan outlay of 91946.86 crore rupees.

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Raghavji, the Finance Minister of Madhya Pradesh on 22 March 2013 presented the State Budget of 2013-14 in State Assembly.
• Total plan outlay of 91946.86 crore rupees for the year 2013-14.
The presented budget for the financial year 2013-14 is a 5214.83 crore rupees revenue surplus budget. The proposed fiscal deficit for the financial year 2013-14 was estimated to be 12218.53 crore rupees and revenue receipts was estimated to be of 79603.47 crore rupees.
• The budget aims at meeting the targets set under the Madhya Pradesh Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2005.
Highlights of the Madhya Pradesh Budget: 2013-14

• Total expenditure estimated for the year 2013-14 is of 91946.86 crore rupees
• Revenue surplus estimated for the year 2013-14 is 5214.83 crore rupees
• Fiscal Deficit estimated for the year 2013-14 is 12218.53 crore rupees
• Total Revenue Receipts for the year 2013-14 are estimated to be 79603.47 crore rupees and the components for the Revenue Receipts are
a) 33381.68 crore rupees that includes State’s Own Tax Revenue
b) 23693.61 crore rupees as share in Central Taxes
c) 7583.39 crore rupees as State’s Own Non-Tax Revenue
d) 14944.79 crore rupees of Central Grants
• State’s own Tax Revenue estimates are 17.91 percent higher in 2013-14 balance estimates as compared to 2012-13 (balance estimates)
• Revenue Expenditure of 74388.64 crore rupees estimated for the year 2013-14, which is 10845.14 crore rupees more than 63543.50 crore rupees for the year 2012-13 (balance estimates)
• Opening balance of (-) 195.33 crore rupees is estimated for the year 2013-14. Net transaction during the year is estimated to be 72.24 crore rupees. Hence, closing balance at the end of the year is estimated to be (-) 123.09 crore rupees
• Plan expenditure for the year 2013-14 is estimated to be 37608.17 crore rupees as against 31473.48 crore rupees for the year 2012-13, which is an increase of 18 percent
• Budget estimates in Tribal Sub-plan have increased from 6109.88 crore rupees for the year 2012-13 to 6907.15 crore rupees for the year 2013-14, which is a n increase of 13.05 percent
• Budget estimates in Scheduled Caste sub-plan have increased from 4241.82 crore rupees for the year 2012-13 to 4889.99 crore rupees for the year 2013-14, which is an increase of 15.28 percent increase
Fiscal Indicators
• Fiscal Deficit estimated at 2.98 percent of GSDP
• Revenue Surplus estimated at 1.27 percent of GSDP
• Interest payments estimated at 8.19 percent of Revenue Receipts
• Total net debt of the state has come down to 14.30 percent of GSDP
Agriculture and Allied Sectors
• Separate Agriculture Budget for Agriculture and Allied Sectors
• Total provision of 4765 crore rupees for the development of irrigation facilities
• Work on 2 large and 10 medium irrigation schemes will be started in the year 2013-14
• Provision of subsidy of 1700 crore rupees for electricity supply to farmers
• Investment of 3000 crore rupees in the year 2013-14 for Feeder separation scheme to ensure 8 hours continuous electricity supply to farmers
• Provision of 400 crore rupees for free electricity for 5HP agricultural pumps (land up to 1 hectare) and up to 25 units per month domestic electricity consumption to SC and ST farmers/consumers
• Provision of 500 crore rupees to provide loan at 0 percent interest rate to farmers
• Provision for bonus of 150 per quintal on wheat procurement. Provision of 1050 crore rupees for this incentive
• New scheme for incentivising organic agriculture along with scheme to reward agricultural farmers at block level too. Provision of 12 crore rupees made
• Seed cum organic fertilizer drill grant to induce linear sowing
• Target of cent percent seed treatment
Mukhya Mantri Kisan Videsh Adhayayan Yojana
• Provision of 9 crore and fivefold increase in the goals of State Micro Irrigation scheme
• Provision of 32 crore rupees to establish 250 custom hiring centres for young entrepreneurs and agricultural graduates
• Provision of 4 crore rupees for semen transplantation lab to rear superior breed
• Provision of veterinary doctors at door-step extended to 89 tribal blocks
• Initiation of core banking facility in Central Cooperative Banks
• Provision of assistance in RBC 6(4) for damage of crops by black buck and blue bull.
• Provision of 12 crore rupees for proper storage of Wheat/Rice.
• Provision of 18 crore rupees for establishment of 50 new and upgradation of 123 Veterinary Hospitals.
• Provision of 55 crore rupees for integrated cooperative development projects.
• Provision of 350 crore rupees for the year 2013-14 under Annapurna Scheme.
• Provision of 27 crore rupees for fish farming for Plan expenditure which is 50 percent more than the last year.
• Short term working capital loan to fishermen at 0 percent interest rate.
Infrastructure Development
• Provision of 8856 crore rupees in the energy sector for the year 2013-14, which is 1146 crore rupees more than 2012-13.
• Provision of 2681 crore rupees for upgradation and strengthening of electricity distribution and sub-distribution
• Provision of 405 crore rupees to enhance power generation capacity
• Provision of 29 crore rupees to promote non-conventional energy
• Provision of 4970 crore rupees for road construction and maintenance
• Provision of 501 crore rupees for Mukya Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana
• Provision of 4765 crore rupees for irrigation schemes
• 2 large and 10 medium irrigation schemes to be started in 2013-14
Panchayat and Rural Development
• Provision of 7444 crore rupees for panchayat and rural development.
• Provision of 100 crore rupees under Mukhya Mantri Grameen Awas Mission
• Provision of 35 crore rupees under Mukhya Mantri Antyodaya Awas Yojana
• 4527 crore rupees to be transferred as grant in aid to Urban/Rural local bodies which is 21.6 percent more than the last year
Drinking Water
• Provision of 1743 crore rupees for drinking water schemes
• Provision of drinking water through handpump/water supply schemes in 13200 rural habitats
• Provision of 432 crore rupees to initiate Kshipra-Narmada link project
• Provision for drinking water facilities in 5794 Aanganwadis
• Investment of 15 crore rupees in Jal Nigam
• Provision of 13763 crore rupees in education sector which is 1644 crore rupees more than last year
• Provision of 71 crore rupees for reimbursement of fees for 2.65 lac students belonging to weaker sections
• Extension of Gaon Ki Beti and Pratibha Kiran Yojana
• Establishment of new engineering colleges at Nowgaon, Chhatarpur
• Increase of 500 for stationery and 1500 for books to students of SCs and STs
• Two fold increase in scholarship for research work to students of SCs and STs
• Establishment of ITIs at Deosar in Singrauli District, Kasravad in Ujjain, Patan in Jabalpur and Majhgawan in Satna district.
• Stipend of ITI apprentice of SCs and STs students raised from 140 per month to 235 per month
• Provision of 4147 crore rupees for health sector which is 551 crore rupees higher than 2012-13
• 100 additional vehicles for 108 ambulance services (renamed as Sanjeevani-108)
• Establishment of G.N.M. schools at Dewas, Mandsaur, Vidisha, Raisen, Jhabua, Sidhi, Rajgarh, Narsinghpur, Satna and Seoni
• Sanction for operation of 150 additional ambulances
• Provision of stipend of 2500 to A.N.M., 3000 to G.N.M. and 3500 to B.Sc. Nursing trainees
• Decision to enhance the daily diet allowance from 30 to 40 for patients
Women and Child Development
• Provision of 5106 crore rupees for women and child development which is 26 percent higher than last year
• Provision of 850 crore rupees for Ladli Laxmi Yojana, which is 30 percent higher than the last year
• Provision of 111 crore rupees for construction of anganwadi buildings and 5 crore rupees for maintenance
• Introduction of new scheme to give prizes to persons protecting the dignity of women
Social Justice
• Provision of 1397 crore rupees for the year 2013-14 which is 31 percent higher than last year
• Provision of 17 crore rupees for Antoyadaya Melas extended upto block levels
• Provision of 100 crore rupees under Mukhya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojana and Mukhya Mantri Nikah Yojana which is 67 percent higher than last year
• State of M.P. awarded with National Award for excellent work as employer of disabled persons on reserved seats
• Constitution of State Senior Citizen commission
Urban Administration
• Provision of 5168 crore rupees for urban administration and development which is 22 percent higher than last year
• Provision of 258 crore rupees for Mukhya Mantri Shahri Peyjal Yojana, Mukhya Mantri Shahri Swachhata Mission and Mukhya Mantri Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme
• Initiation of schemes for conservation and development of ponds and lakes. Provision of 1 crore rupees made
• New Urban Reform Scheme for reforms in urban bodies for financial, administrative, e-governance, wealth tax and consumer tariff
• Initiation of Valmiki Yojana to inspire cleanliness drive
• Provision of 150 crore rupees for Simhastha-2016
• Provision of 126 crore rupees for 2013-14 which is 21 percent higher than last year
• Players of the state have achieved glory for the state by winning 1586 medals at national and international level in 2012-13
New scheme Olympic - 2020 from 2013-14
• Provision of 3 crore rupees to lay down Hockey astroturf in 15 cities
Tourism and Culture
• Provision of 158 crore rupees for tourism activities for 2013-14 which is 31 percent higher than last year
• Provision of 11 crore rupees to develop tourist centres in each district
• Provision of 141 crore rupees for culture which is 22 percent higher than last year
• Allocation of 10 crore for establishment of Sanchi Baudh Bharatiya Gyan Adhyayan Vishwavidyalaya

• Decision to establish Atal Bihari Bajpai Centre for Art and Culture at Morena
• Provision of 1 crore for celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand
Industry and Mining
• Provision of 907 crore rupees for industrial sector which is 40 percent higher than last year
• Provision of 340 crore rupees for Industrial Investment Promotion Assistance
• Decision to award Dattopant Thengdi Prize of 5 lac, 3 lac and 2 lac respectively to first three units creating opportunities for maximum employment as against capital investment in MSME sectors
• Provision of 54 crore to benefit 50,000 youths under a new scheme Mukhya Mantri Swarojgar Yojana
SC and ST Development
• Provision of 2013-14 is 1447 crore rupees higher than the last year
• More than two fold increase under the provision of SC and ST Atrocities Act
• Relief amount enhanced from 2 lacs to 5 lacs
• Decision to provide laptop to first year students of engineering and medical colleges belonging to SCs and STs. Provision of 14 crore rupees in 2013-14
• Upgradation of 40 High Schools to Higher Secondary Schools, 20 Middle schools to High schools and 20 primary English medium schools to middle schools in tribal areas in 2013-14
• Proposal to open 20 new girl education centres (parisar)
• Proposal of additional faculty in 20 Higher Secondary schools
• Proposal of new 20 post matric hostels, 10 pre-matric hostels and 10 ashram schools
• Proposal to begin two new sports centres(parisar) for students of STs
• Decision to enhance per day diet allowance from 25 to 100 and sports kit allowance from 850 to Rs. 3000 for players residing in sports centres (parisar)
• Establishment of 119 new hostels for SC students and proposal of increase of 3000 seats in the existing hostels
• Provision of 24 crore rupees for Vimukt, Ghumakkad and Ardh Ghumakkad communities
Backward Classes and Minorities Development
• Provision of 749 crore rupees for different welfare schemes for the backward classes and minority sections which is 37 percent higher than last year.
• Necessary resources have been made available to all districts for monitoring and implementation of different schemes for the welfare of minorities and backward classes
Law and Order
• Provision of 3962 crore rupees for police force which is 37 percent higher than last year
• 5000 new posts to be filled in the year 2013-14
• Constitution of new women crime cell. 500 new posts and provision of 23 crore rupees in 2013-14
• Necessary provisions for the new schemes like Police health infrastructure, community police, social empowerment and tourism police, state highway security and conservation, Centralized Police Call Centre and Control Room System, Automatic Finger Identification System etc
• Sanction of 1208 posts including 52 new district and session judge and 86 Class II Civil judges
• Provision of 29 crore for this in 2013-14
• Decision to constitute Adhivakta Kalyan Nidhi for the welfare of lawyers
• Decision to enhance the fee of penal lawyers in Madhyamastha Adhikaran from ` 5,000 per case to ` 20,000
Administrative Reforms
• No ban imposed on purchases in the year 2013-14 which is the living testimony of the efficient financial management
• Decision to enhance the relief amount by 50 percent in road accident cases to the victim’s family by raising assistance from 10000 to 15000 in death case and 5000 to 7500 for serious injuries
• Decision to enhance the monthly honorarium of elected representatives and office bearers of 50 zila panchayats, 313 Janpad Panchayat and 23006 Gram Panchayat
Employees Welfare
• Payment of 72 percent D.A. to state government employees and pensioners as Central Government employees as per promises made by the state government
• Decision of 725 kit allowance per year for constables and head constables of police forces
• Decision to enhance the allowances of part time sweepers, part time peons and part time clerks in schools by 300, 400 and 500 respectively. Their allowances will respectively now are 1000, 2000 and 2500

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