Attention! This Brain Teaser Is Only For Observant People. Can You Solve It?

This brain teaser is tough and only people with eagle eyes and great observation skills will be able to solve it. Can you?
Attention! This Brain Teaser Is Only For Observant People. Can You Solve It?
Attention! This Brain Teaser Is Only For Observant People. Can You Solve It?

Brain Teaser: Our lives can get monotonous very easily. After all, all we do is work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Scientists say that monotony can negatively impact our brain, and affect our mental and physical health, eventually leading to burnout. So, it becomes very important to break that monotony. 

And what is a better way to break the monotony than brain teasers?

Brain teasers are fun and challenging and require you to implement lateral thinking to solve them. Studies show that solving brain teasers can improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

So, here we are with a fun brain teaser to help you hone your cognitive skills and provide an escape from your monotonous lives. 

Are you ready for the fun?

We hope that you are, cause here we go!

Attention! This Brain Teaser Is Only For Observant People. Can You Solve It?

Having fun is as important as learning. But a certain etiquette needs to be followed in certain places and situations, such as school. Teachers (after parents) are the ones who shape us into what we grow up to be. 

Take a close look at the picture below. One of the students pranked their teacher. The teacher is furious and needs your help in finding the culprit.

Can you help the teacher find the student who pranked her?

Image Source: Bright Side

If you think that this is easy, we have a twist to make this into a challenging brain teaser.

You have only 7 seconds to find the prankster. And your time starts now!

All the best!

Consider this as a test of your logical thinking. However, we won't judge if you fail to get the right answer in the given time. 

The clock’s ticking.

3… 2… and 1.

Time’s up folks!

Have you solved this brain teaser?

We sincerely hope that you solved it right because we will be revealing the answers now.

Brain Teasers Answer

Look at the teacher first. You can clearly see that a coffee mug is glued to her left hand.

How to identify the prankster?

Look at the students one by one.

The girl in front is laughing. She has no suspicious items on her desk or bag. So, she is not the culprit. 

Look at the second boy on the left. He is nervous and almost seems like the culprit; however, he is not. He is innocently writing in his notebook and looks nervous because he is afraid that his teacher will punish all of them because of one culprit. 

Look at the boy on the right. He is nervous, as indicated by the sweat on his head. Look closer at the boy’s table. You can see that he is doing a collage, which means that he needs something to paste the pictures on his notebook, most likely “glue”. If you look closer at his bag, you can see the faint outline of the glue that he is using for his collage and has used to prank his teacher. 


Hence, the boy to the right is the culprit. 

If you were able to guess the answer, congratulations!

And if you were unsuccessful, better luck next time!

We hope that you had fun solving this brain teaser. 

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