Halloween Month Has Just Started And The Werewolf Is Already At The Door! Find The Correct Shadow Of The Werewolf In This Spooky Brain Teaser!

Brain teasers can be fun, but not so much if they involve horror. Here comes a spooky brain teaser for you to test your attention to detail.
Spot the right shadow of the werewolf!
Spot the right shadow of the werewolf!

Imagine yourself coming back from a long day at work and your car stops. You look for emergency mechanics all over but can't find any source of help. It starts to rain heavily and you start feeling helpless. Did we mention your phone's battery is low? You cuss yourself for being irresponsible at times as you realize you have left your phone charger at your office.


Your heart starts pounding faster and louder, competing with the noise of the rain shower.


Walking all the way to home seems impossible, and that is when you think of talking about the short, dark, jungle route, the path less traveled.


You walk on the path, simply focusing on the path ahead! As you walk, you tremble on the leaves, and the rustling sound is the only proof you know of your existence.  Your mind starts to recall every bad omen you experienced in the last few days. And oh, the rain seems like it is retaliating against you. You feel cold, wet, and all scared. The darkness of the street, the heavy rain, and all the misfortunes were just the beginning. 

“Wooooooooooooooooooo !”

 Comes a sharp cry from behind you, almost tearing your heart in two parts.

You stop for a second, but could not dare to turn back. You mistake it for a hallucination, almost deliberately, and increase your pace.




 Here comes another howl. This time you can't fool yourself. It seems as if a werewolf is following you. 


Ahead you are a wall, the only evidence of human inhabitation in the haunting jungle.


Afraid to turn back, you decide to figure out who follows you from behind by looking at the shadow cast on the wall.


While you may not be in your full courage, succumb some guts to find the right shadow of the werewolf.

The Rules


The only rule here is to survive. Spot the correct shadow of the werewolf in 7 seconds, and run for your life as fast as you can.


Can You Spot The Right Werewolf Shadow?

Image Source: Think Think (YouTube)

The Mystery Solved:


This is the most accurate shadow.

Image Source: Think Think (YouTube)




 We won't mind if you miss checking for the answer, and rather choose to run.


Life is more important than winning in a spooky brain teaser!


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