Blood Type Personality Test: What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your EQ, IQ, Career Choices

Blood Type Personality Test: What is your blood type? Know interesting facts about your EQ, IQ, Career Choices based on your blood type
Blood Type Personality Test: What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your EQ, IQ, Career Choices
Blood Type Personality Test: What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your EQ, IQ, Career Choices

Blood Type Personality Test: In our previous personality tests, we explored what personality traits are revealed based on your love language, favorite number, favorite color, nose shape, foot shape, finger length, standing position, sleeping position, sitting position, favorite coffee, walking style, and more. Today, we are back with another personality test that reveals your intelligence level (IQ) based on your blood group type. The scientific name for the study of personality based on blood type is called Ketsueki-gata.

The study of an individual’s personality is based on four primary blood types: A, B, O, and AB blood type. The practice of studying one’s personality or IQ based on their blood type is quite famous in Japan.

What does your blood group tell about your personality?

Blood Type Personality Test

Blood Type A Personality

Blood Type A PersonalityIf your blood type is A, then you are creative, clever, cooperative, and passionate. You are a cautious person when it comes to decision-making. You are good at multi-tasking. You are well-organized and prefer tidiness and things at their designated place. You prefer to be a perfectionist, attentive, and consistent at whatever you do. People with blood type A are found to be more emotionally intelligent. You are more likely to take into consideration the societal rules and maintain etiquette. You are least likely to indulge in haphazard actions. Though you can at times be stubborn, obsessive, overly sensitive, pessimistic, and easily stressed out. You can also be quite conceited in your thoughts and actions. You usually keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself. You open up to people only those who trust a lot.

A+ Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Excellent leader, Work in unity, Trustworthy, Intelligent/ Cons: Temperamental, and Targets of criticism.

A- Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Hardworking, Persistent, Good Planner, Strong-willed/ Cons: Quick to lose temper, and Can be easily swayed.

Career choices: Economist, Librarian, Accountant, Graphic Designer, etc.

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Blood Type B Personality

Blood Type B PersonalityIf your blood type is B, then you are passionate, creative, strong, and active. You are cheerful, adventurous, open to new experiences, unconventional, and relaxed. As per studies, your blood type has the fastest brain. You have an active imagination. You have a sharp memory. You are most likely to be very good at subjects such as mathematics and science. You will approach things or wrap up tasks at your own pace. However, at times you can be irresponsible, reckless, immature, unpredictable, erratic, lazy, and uncooperative. You hate taking orders. You can also get fixated on impractical or unachievable goals due to your negative trait of not able to let go of things.

B+ Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Emotional, Helpful, Gives importance to relationships, beautiful, smart, high IQ/ Cons: Quick to lose temper, erratic, irresponsible.

B- Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Hardworking, smart, strong-willed, achiever/ Cons: Can be selfish at times, and not much helpful.

Career choices: Journalist, Artist, Business Owner, Consultants, Entrepreneur, Musician, etc.

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Blood Type O Personality

Blood Type O PersonalityIf your blood type is O, then you are a go-getter, daring, social butterfly, cheerful, confident, determined, resilient, intuitive, and strong-willed. You are also quite generous and helpful. You prefer to have a clear consciousness. You usually keep really high standards and big goals for yourself. You work to always find a way to achieve your goals. You could also have excellent leadership qualities. You do not however concern yourself with little or petty things. You are focused on the big picture. You tend to see the bright side in every situation. If someone were to ask you if the glass is half empty, you outlook would be glass is half filled. Your carefree attitude at times makes you look self-centered. However, upon knowing you, one understands that you are simply a calm, independent, peaceful, devoted to your growth kind of person. However, when you are feeling low or negative, you could showcase traits of coldness, unpredictability, arrogance, etc.

O+ Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Helpful, Clear consciousness, social, optimistic/ Cons: Not very open to new experiences and can be self-centered.

O- Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Optimistic, Determined, resilient, intuitive, strong-willed/ Cons: Unpredictable, and self-centered.

Career choices: CEO, Politician, Actress, Models, Public Speaker, etc.

Blood Type AB Personality

If your blood type is AB, then you are a diplomatic, adaptable, mysterious, charismatic, eccentric, analytical, logical, outgoing yet introverted kind of individual. You have a rational approach to things. Though, you try to keep an empathetic approach when dealing with people. Personality studies have noted that you could also have a trait of duality or double-faced and due to this, it is quite easy for you to get lost in your thoughts. The negative traits of blood type AB personality can be complicated, forgetful, impatient, irresponsible, critical, aloof, indecisive, and discriminating. As per blood typing for personality studies, it has been noted that people with blood type AB personality usually harbor a mixture of personality traits of blood type A and blood type B personalities.

AB+ Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: Caring, Reserved, Intelligent, charismatic/ Cons: Hard to be convinced, stubborn, rigid.

AB- Blood Group Personality Traits:

Pros: High IQ, Active brain, Lives with ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ attitude/ Cons: Trust issues and Can be stubborn.

Career choices: Teacher, Lawyer, Social Worker, Counsellors, Healthcare, etc.

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Did you enjoy reading about your blood type personality traits?

One should note that each one of us is unique. Our personalities are composed of different qualities and behavioral aspects based on our upbringing, societal conditioning, and our individual mindsets. To recap, the blood type personality theory is quite popular in Japanese culture where in many aspects of their lives are influenced by their blood type. Men and women use blood type personality test as a way of gauging relationship compatibility with a potential or current partner. Blood type influences job interviews, marriages and the reputation of individuals in society. Businesses in Japan also sell products catered to specific blood types and sports training is developed specifically for each blood type. As much as it is a rave in the pseudoscience community, it is also a great psychological conversation starter among people.

Blood Type Personality Test: In a Summary

Blood Type A

Blood Type B

Blood Type AB

Blood Type O

Creative, Sensible, Earnest, Stubborn

Passionate, Active, Selfish, Irresponsible

Controlled, Critical, Rational, Indecisive

Cold, Confident, Strong, Unpredictable

Tell us in comments section: What is your blood type?

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