Personality Test: Your Nose shape reveals these personality traits

Nose Shape Personality Test: Do you have a Fleshy nose? Button Nose? Straight Greek nose? Crooked nose? Nubian nose like former US President Barack Obama? What the shape of your nose tells about your personality? Today, we will tell you your personality traits based on your nose shape.
Personality Test: Your Nose shape reveals these personality traits
Personality Test: Your Nose shape reveals these personality traits

Nose Shape Personality Test: For ages, there have been several studies and research to study the link between the shape of our noses and our genetic history. Scientists all over the world have studied 3D scans of people from distinct races and climate zones to decipher types of nose shapes. Experts look into the width of nostrils, the distance between nostrils, the height of the nose, length of the nose bridge, protrusion level of the nasal tip, area of the nostrils, and external area of the nose.

To make it more interesting and insightful from a psychological point of view, physiognomists (face readers) have been studying the shapes of our noses to analyze a person's character and personality traits. Do you know that face reading practices development and research go back 3,000 years old. As per the face reading expert and author Jean Haner, face reading can reveal your personality traits like an open book and help you learn who are you as an individual, deepen your romantic relationships, improve your parenting skills by understanding your personality, and even understand what the personality traits of the people you meet or check out profiles on the dating sites.

Let us find out what the shape of your nose reveals about your personality.

Find out your Personality according to Nose Shape

Your nose shape reveals these personality traits

1. Roman (Aquiline) Nose Personality

Roman nose shape personality

If you have a Roman nose, you have a very strong personality. Your ambition is highly contagious. You find joy in challenges. You will most likely make a great leader. You seldom lack the stamina for getting things done or achieve your desired goal. You are headstrong. Your strategic mind helps you in efficiently organize things, weigh both sides of an issue, and achieve immense prosperity usually by middle age. You exhibit a bossy nature. You like to be in control of things and stay ahead of the crowd not in terms of walking ahead of them but with respect to knowledge, trends, latest happenings, etc. In fact, you are more likely to pick up on things early on before the crowd notices it. You are not the kind of person who will rush to make a decision.

You are practical and rational. You do not give huge weightage to emotions but you are a kind-hearted person. Your rational approach also helped in maintaining your cool even during the toughest situations. You approach things after thinking thoroughly on a matter. You usually design your own way of life and don’t follow the crowd. You are quite good at influencing people with your words. You don’t want the approval of others and tend to be rebellious. You give very little regard to what others say about you.  You are happiest when you are working on the manifestation of your goals.

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2. Nubian Nose Personality

Nubian nose shape personality

If you have a Nubian nose with a base that is very wide, you are most likely to stand out in a crowd. Former US President Barrack Obama is the classic example of this nose type. You are very open-minded, curious, and always seeking new creative ways to solve problems or reach an outcome. You embody an attractive and charismatic personality. You also tend to be emotionally expressive and able to put your opinions that make an impact. You have a far-sighted approach and a refined way of handling things. One will seldom find you screaming or shouting at others. Your way of putting thought into words is amazing. You are a natural public speaker. You tend to outshine in public debates and garner public confidence easily.

You are also found to be an amicable family person. You will always tend to your family and take them along your success highs, no matter what heights of your career you reach. You are a humble human when you step into your house. You are thirsty for gaining wisdom. You are a versatile thinker and knowledgeable individual. You tend to earn your wisdom through practical life and experiences. You are also an impressive conversationalist. You are an active social person and this makes you a people person as well. You are seldom to shy away from taking the spotlight in the room if need be. You know the right words to say and backed with the apt knowledge, who would not listen to you?

3. Straight Nose (Greek) Personality

Straight Greek nose shape personality

If you have a Straight nose, you exhibit a high level of personal attraction, clear thinking, tolerance, patience, compassion, simplicity, honesty, discipline, reliability, and trustworthiness. You are a very determined, practical, and prudent individual. You are loyal and would give in your everything to stay by the side of your loved ones. One interesting thing about you is your commitment to keeping a secret. You will take everyone’s secret to your deathbed. One can safely share their secrets with you. You will not betray their trust. However, you are slow to trust people or let them in on your own private matters. You will be polite and friendly but it takes time to earn your trust. You have a warm vibe that makes people find peace with you. However, your high level of patience makes you stick around things and people far longer than needed.

You are likely to have a pleasant yet very sharp appearance. You speak things in a clear and concise manner.  You are overwhelmed by other strong personalities in the room. You are good at presenting yourself as the calmest and most collected person in a crowd. You are also likely to be an expert on the subject of beauty and art. You seldom have a dearth of topics to talk about or share your valuable advice on matters. Men and women with such nose shapes are most likely to be found in jobs such as media, personal assistants, modeling, or some artistic career. You are associated with things that contribute to society. You find joy and a sense of pride in playing a significant role in bettering someone's life.

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4. Crooked Nose Personality

Crooked nose shape personality

If you have a Crooked nose, it will surprise you to know that you are quite contrary to the word crooked. You are the most simple and straightforward kind of individual. Your nose shape may tell a different story but you happen to be an individual with a strong character and generosity. You are an observer and a good listener. Among a group of people, you will be the one who will understand rather than judge. You are least likely to mince words. You will also not come across as a rude person while voicing your opinion. You do not like to complicate things. However, you have no difficulty in solving the most complicated problem at hand. Your schedules are also most likely to be simple and to the point. You have an affinity for simple things. You try to stay from complicated conversations and dramatic relationships.

You are strongly grounded in your virtues and life values which also makes you are great companion, friend, partner, or parent. You listen calmly and respond before jumping to conclusions. You have the ability to make the other person feel heard and acknowledged. You are not a bossy person but however one should not take your simplicity for granted. You do not like to be treated like a doormat. In public settings or to gauge a situation, you may appear stubborn or cold but that is only a cover. In fact, many people with crooked noses have also made to celebrity fame so clearly, it could turn out a pretty unique feature of your face.

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5. Fleshy Nose Personality

Fleshy nose shape personality

If you have a Fleshy nose, you are a fast thinker, clever, street-smart, sensible, and cautious kind of individual. You are also generous, kind, sensitive, and emotional but one only experiences these sides of you if they know you quite personally. Usually, you steer clear of speculations. However, interestingly you think fast and act fast on your thoughts. You can come across as aggressive at times. You are also quite wary of your money. You are good at saving your money. You will not spend to show off or cover expenses that do not make sense to you.

You lead a positive life as you tend to focus on the positive aspects more. You will not waste time on spilled milk or anything other trivial matters. You tend to move fast and accomplish as much as possible. In the eye of the public, you may be cut-throat and aggressive but you are a very caring and loyal partner to be with. You speak the truth without wasting much time on sugar-coating it.

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6. Button (Celestial) Nose Personality

Button Nose Shape Personality

If you have a Button nose (or celestial nose), then not only your nose is the cutest nose type in the world but you also embody cuteness in your personality. But one should not make the mistake of thinking that cuteness is all you got. You are a strong-willed, determined, and spontaneous person. You are highly optimistic in life. You will not sit idle, you are mostly found to be involved in different kinds of activities.

You invest your time wisely and with meticulous planning. You will know what you will reap out of a certain activity before putting your time and energy into it. You are efficient at completing your planned tasks well in time. You may listen to everyone but you will follow through on your own gut instincts or inner voice. You mostly get what you want or how you want it. You make a loyal partner and friend. You will take upon the pain of your loved ones to help them through.

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7. Hawk Nose Personality

Hawk Nose Shape Perosnality

If you have a Hawk nose, then possess a healthy sense of ambition, independence, and leadership. You also have razor-sharp instincts and good knowledge about business. You have a hawk's eye at spotting opportunities. You also have a special interest in spiritual matters as well. You are highly efficient and successful at carving your own path to success. You have a high level of self-confidence. At times, you can be stubborn too. Regardless of gender, people with hawk nose shapes are found to be relentless at achieving financial independence or more in their careers.

You are also known to be the kind of person who will think about yourself first. It does mean you tend to act selfish. You have strong need to feel respected and important. You are not afraid of taking risks and while doing you may even not care about other people emotions. You keep an eye on taking the best advantage out of a situation. You will fearlessly say your opinion out loud and defend it if need be. You tend to stand out in the crowd for your confidence. Women with such noses go on to earn outstanding educational abilities as well as business acumen.

8. Small (Snub) Nose Personality

Snub Nose Shape Personality

If you have a Small nose (also known as a snub nose) with the nose tip pointing upwards and bit visible nostrils, then you are usually found in social settings. You are a team player, so you do not find any trouble in thriving in group settings. You are usually found to be cute, cheerful, and affectionate. You are a helpful person and use your creativity to achieve goals. You are a good planner as well. You get things done and move on to the next task.

You are mostly very carefree and that also at times makes you lose track of time or things. You also seem to have trouble reaching or exhibiting a certain level of maturity at times due to your carefree nature. In other words, sometimes you tend to project your inner child-like tendencies. You are also found to be quite impatient and exhibit frustration when under unsettling situations. Your temper may come out of nowhere (which happens quite rarely) and it is not a good sight to watch. For example, you may find trouble getting along with people who are not able to let things go. You are also a very private person.

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9. Big Nose Personality

Big Nose Shape Personality

If you have a Big nose with a bulbous tip and large nostrils, then you possess a mind of your own and despise working for someone else. You will not take orders from others. You like to be your own boss. You are known to make big moves or be the center of attention in a room. There are several studies that show that big nose is related to the sense of power, leadership, ego, and independence. You do not indulge in small talk. You live life to the fullest and indulge in activities that feed your soul. You are a practical person who carves his or her own path and does not rely on anyone else for things to be done.

You are known to be a born leader who aims to be a perfectionist in whatever you do. Repetitive or system work makes you dull. You pay huge attention to the quality of the work produced. This leads to you being highly critical of your own work and working overtime to fix every little detail. You are known to be very gracious around people and exhibit great manners. In fact, people look upto you for solutions as you are most likely to come up with efficient ideas. You are also good with money. You are blessed with good income sources. You also manage your money efficiently as well. You love living like royalty but however, you will not spend mindlessly on anything.

Did you enjoy discovering your nose shape personality types? 

Do you know face readers have claimed to discover what the shape of your nose tells about your personality and also ascertain details such as physical health, and how a certain period of your age would be like simply by looking at your facial features and nose shape.

Fun Facts: Your Nose tells a lot about you!

Fun Fact #1: As per face reading practices, your nose tells a lot about how your 40s will be.

Fun Fact #2: In Chinese nose reading, your nose is regarded as the reflection of your wealth.

Fun Fact #3: A woman's nose can tell about the ability of her husband to make money.

Fun Fact #4: If your nostrils are visible from the front, then you are good at saving money.

Fun Fact #5: People, especially women, with big nose either get super-rich or marry someone wealthy.

Tell us in comment section below: What is your nose shape? 

One should note that as per the famous Chinese face reading practices, one can change their destiny by changing the shape of their nose. One can also embody certain traits by contouring their nose in a specific manner. Also,  we tend to apply a certain pressure on our noses throughout our lives while washing our face or massaging or applying creams which also leads to changes in the shape of our noses. If you may notice that lately, your personality traits have changed from the way you were before, then you may want to compare your nose shape from before.

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Q1. What your nose tells about your personality?

Read our article Personality Test: Your Nose shape reveals these personality traits.

Q2 What are the characteristics of a Roman nose?

If you have a Roman nose, you have a very strong personality. Your ambition is highly contagious. You find joy in challenges.

Q3. What are the personality traits of a Greek nose?

If you have a Straight Greek nose, you exhibit a high level of personal attraction, clear thinking, tolerance, patience, compassion, simplicity, and trustworthiness.

Q4. What are the personality traits of a Crooked nose?

If you have a Crooked nose, it will surprise you to know that you are quite contrary to the word crooked. You are the most simple and straightforward kind of individual.
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