Personality Test: Your walking style reveals these personality traits

Your walking style can reveal your personality type. Are you a fast walker? Slow walker? Take long strides? Studies show that our walking styles, including stride and speed, can tell a lot of important traits about our personalities. Read to know what your walking personality type tells about you.
Personality Test: Your walking style reveals these PERSONALITY traits
Personality Test: Your walking style reveals these PERSONALITY traits

Walking Personality Types: Your walking style can reveal your personality type. Studies reveal that our walking styles, including stride and speed, can tell a lot of important traits about our personalities. Every one of us is unique in our own way and so is our walking style. Just as our sleeping style, eye colour, or even how we hold our phone reveals our personality type. Studies have shown to reveal some interesting insight into the personality of a person. Psychologists have revealed that how one walks could also help to discover what they are trying to hide about themselves from the world.

One of the earliest studies into revealing the personality type by studying the walking style was published in 1935 by German-born psychologist Werner Wolff. Over the years, several investigations into the walking styles also revealed that one can learn how to change their walking style or adapt a different walking style to change the impression they give. For example, if you wish to give an impression of being seen as invulnerable, you can adapt to walking faster with longer strides and bolder arm movements. Though one should always be in their comfort and natural walking style rather than trying too hard to adapt another style as it can also come off as a desperate attempt at being someone you are not.

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 Personality Test: Walking Style


Let us dive into the types of walking styles above to know what your walking style is and what it tells about your personality. Keep on reading.

Image 1 - If you walk fast

Personality Test: Fast Walkers

If your walking style is a fast walker, then your walking personality type reveals a highly diligent and outgoing kind of person. People with a fast walker personality are more likely to be open to new experiences, extroverted, and conscientious. People who walk fast are found to be go-getters and risk-takers. They will have more courage than usual to take an initiative. They are sticklers for living fuss-free life. People with such a walking style are found to have quick bursts of energy and super attentiveness to detail.

Ladies, if your man walks fast and is not matching his pace with you or walking alongside then he is most likely the personality type who often guides or leads the crowd by walking ahead of them.

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Image 2 - If you walk slowly

Personality Test: Slow Walkers

If your walking style is a slow walker, then your walking personality type reveals that you are a cautious person. Slow and shorter strides usually tell that you are most likely an introvert. People with a slow walker personality are usually looking out for themselves and are more self-centered. Slow walkers are found to be involved with themselves or their activities.

Usually, people with this walking style are found to be relaxed and content when in their own company. They will usually slide back into the background or move away from the spotlight when they find themselves in a room full of crowd. Though, studies have found that slow walkers are usually leading a less active lifestyle which could lead to developing health problems early in life or more susceptible to accidents as their neurotic functioning becomes slow as they age.

Image 3 - If you walk in relaxed manner

Personality Test: Relaxed Strolling Walking Style

If your walking style is relaxed or strolling, then your walking personality type reveals that you love to live on your own terms in life at your own pace. You are not in a hurry to be anywhere but in the present moment. You are always relaxed and content as well confident, be it indoors or outdoors. You are calm and collected even in the middle of a crowd though you will not fight for the spotlight or stay ahead of the crowd. You enjoy communicating with people and listening to their conversations or point of view.

Take pride as your walking style is regarded as one of the most ideal walking styles. You will walk down the street with your head up high in a nonchalant manner which is a huge sign of a high level of confidence and contentment with yourself. A person who walks in a relaxed manner is known to be one who is high on self-assurance and low level of urgency. They do not seek validation or assurance on anything.

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Image 4 - If you walk with long quick strides

Personality Test: Long Quick Strides Walking Style

If your walking style is taking long quick strides, then your walking personality type reveals a positive outlook on things. You have a competitive and fiery personality type that helps you to get things done. You are an extremely logical, intelligent, and productive person. At times, you can appear cold in personal relationships, however, but you are still admired by people around you.

This walking style does not mean that you do not enjoy little things in life. You will sometime stop to admire the view around you or cherish the present moment. You are a confident kind of person so making eye contact while walking comes naturally to you.

People with long quick strides walking styles are also known to be multi-taskers. They can solve several problems or find solutions in their head while walking down the street. One thing about people walking in stride personality type is that they expect people around them to meet their expectations or match their standards.

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Image 5 - If you walk with dragging feet

Personality Test: Dragging Feet Walking Style

If your walking style is dragging feet, then your walking personality type reveals that you are an anxious kind of person or worry a lot.  Studies to understand what does it mean when someone drags their feet when they walk have found that people with such walking syle are usually sulking in themselves or sad. They lack control over detaching themselves from things or worrisome thoughts. They are seldom able to stay in the present moment. They keep dragging their past with themselves. They get stuck on things for a long time. They have an anxious attachment style with things or people.

They lack energy and enthusiasm in life or everyday tasks. They face problems in getting things done or solving problems.   They are usually found to be lethargic or lack a go-getter attitude. As simple as climbing a few stairs will irritate them or throw them into a state of worry.

Did you enjoy reading about your personality traits based on your walking style? These are a few of many interesting and amazing personality traits that have been discovered over several studies and experiments by behavioral experts, psychologists, mentalists, etc. Personality tests are an amazing tool to get insight into traits of your own personality.

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