Optical Illusion: How Many Women Can You Spot In Less Than A Minute?

Today's optical illusion challenges the readers. It brings a painting by a Ukrainian artist of a woman. However, there is not just one woman in this painting. Check how many women can you find in one minute here.
Optical Illusion: Spot all women in 1 minute
Optical Illusion: Spot all women in 1 minute

Optical Illusion of a Woman: An optical illusion is something that penetrates your mind and reveals things that even the person is unaware of. These images or videos are not what they appear to be. 

This Optical Illusion is something that makes one wonder about his/her own senses. The Ukrainian artist who is the creator of this illusional painting has a passion for creating such imaginative challenges for every mind in the world. We urge you to take a look at the image of his actual painting which has left many baffled. 

This optical illusion image of today has left the internet in a frenzy.  It seems to be the painting of a woman. However, we must tell you that there is not just one woman in this painting. Take the test yourself and tell us how many women did you spot in 1 minute?

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Let's give you a hint. There are not one, two or three, but four women in this image. Try finding out all of them in one minute. 

Take a look at the image below and try to find out all four women in this painting. 

first woman optical illusion

Optical Illusion: How Many Women Can You Spot?

The first woman:

The first look of this painting seems to be a woman standing and talking over the phone, which can be easily seen in the image above. Try looking harder now. 

The hair of this woman is beautifully painted. We are sure maximum girls would be lost imagining their hair like hers. But still, you did not see the other three women, did you?

Let us help you more here. 

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Optical Illusion: The second woman

On taking a closer look, one can see her palms near her ears. Yes, that is where you would spot the other woman, right in the palms of the woman with beautiful hair.

Optical Illusion Woman 2

That's two down, two left now. We ask you to once again give a look and find the third woman. We also wish to tell you that in case you succeed in finding the third woman, you would be among 40% of people who succeeded in finding her. 60% of people who have observed this painting or image have failed in finding the third and the fourth woman. 

Optical Illusion- Third Woman: It’s All In The Arms

When you take a deeper look, you would find a nose a feature emerging from the woman's arms. You can also spot a pair of eyes and a pair of lips. There is your third woman reader. It is not a front, but a side profile. This was a tricky finding for many, which is why 60% fail to find the ‘third’ woman. 

Optical-Illusion 3rd woman

The Fourth Woman: Last One Of Them All!

Spotting the fourth woman is easier for many if you look at the belly of the first woman with beautiful hair. Can you see the lips in the mid-portion? That is where your fourth woman is. Below the stomach of the first woman lies the entirety of the fourth woman. Take a look at the image below to confirm your finding. 

Optical Illusion - 4th woman

About The Optical Illusion Image:

Oleg Shupliak is a Ukrainian artist who loves to create optical illusions and challenge his viewers through his paintings. His painting 'Four Women' can take you to that imaginative zone where you would begin by seeing one woman but would be led into finding four somehow. 

This painting comes under his imaginative portrait heads called Hidden images. 

Optical Illusion: What If You Spot All Four Women In A Minute?  

This just means you have good eyesight and a focused mind. Not all optical illusions are personality tests. There are many other optical illusions that focus on some parts of the human brain, but this one just is a tickle to your cognitive abilities. In case you find even three women, be assured that your brain functions just fine.

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