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Chhattisgarh Wildlife Sanctuaries has made it a significant destination in terms of tourism of India.
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Chhattisgarh Wildlife Sanctuaries has made it a significant destination in terms of tourism of India.


Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary            

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the premium and significant wildlife sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh. Recognized in the year 1976 under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is comparatively a small one enveloping an area of around 245 sq km. The geography of the region embraces hilly and flat terrain with elevations ranging between 265 - 400 meters. The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is recognized for its verdant green vegetations and exclusive wildlife.


The chief wildlife include Sloth Bear, Tigers, Flying Squirrels, Four - horned Antelopes, Jackals,  Leopards, Black Buck, Chinkara, Jungle Cat, Porcupine, Barking Deer, Monkey, Striped Hyena, Bison, Wild Dogs, Sambar, Chital, Nilgai, Muntjac, Gaur, Wild Boar, Python, Cobra to name a few. Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary also has a considerable bird population with well-known being the Bulbul, Parrots, White - rumped Vultures, Lesser Kestrels, Green Avadavat, Peafowl, Racket - tailed Drongos, Wood Peckers, Herons and Egrets to name few.


Indravati National Park

Indravati National Park is the most famous and finest wildlife parks of Chhattisgarh. Indravati National Park is situated in Dantewada district, Chhattisgarh. The Park draws its name from Indravati River, which streams from East to West and forms Northern boundary of the reserve with Maharashtra. With the entire area of roughly 2799.08 sq km, Indravati accomplished the status of a National Park in the year 1981 and a Tiger Reserve in the year 1983 under the famed Project Tiger of India to turn into one of the most renowned tiger reserves of India.


There are also prosperous patches of exceptional grasslands providing a great deal of fodder to Wild buffalos, Barking Deer, Chital, Gaurs, Nilgai & other herbivores of the park. The most frequently found trees are Lendia, Teak, Salai, Tendu, Mahua, Semal, Ber, Jamun and Haldu. Major wildlife comprises of the rare Wild Buffalos, Tigers, Barasinghas, Leopards, Nilgai, Gaurs Sambar, Sloth Bear, Chausingha Dhole, Striped Hyena, Chausingha, Muntjac, Flying Squirrel, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Pangolins, Langurs and Monkeys among many others. The frequently found reptiles are Freshwater Crocodile, Indian Chameleon, Monitor Lizard, Common Krait, Cobra, Russell's Viper and Indian Rock Python to name a few.


Sitanadi Sanctuary

Situated in Dhamtari district, Chhattisgarh, Sitanadi Sanctuary is one of the most well-known and significant wildlife sanctuaries in Central India. Established in the year 1974 under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, Sitanadi Sanctuary covers an area of roughly 556 sq km., encompassing highly surging and hilly terrain. The striking sanctuary obtains its name from Sitanadi River that instigates in the middle of the sanctuary and joins the Mahanadi River near Deokhut.


The major wildlife in Sitanadi Sanctuary comprises of Tigers, Flying Squirrels, Leopards, Jackals, Chinkara, Four-horned Antelopes, Black Buck, Barking Deer, Jungle Cat, Porcupine, Bison, Monkey, Striped Hyena, Wild Dogs, Sloth Bear, Chital, Nilgai, Sambar, Gaur, Wild Boar, Muntjac, Python, Cobra, etc. The sanctuary also has a considerable bird population with well-known being the Bulbul, Parrots, Peafowl, Crimson Breasted Barbet, Pheasant, Teetar, Racket - tailed Drongos, Tree Pie, Egrets & Herons to name few. Sitanadi Sanctuary is also being equipped to widen it as a significant tiger sanctuary in the area.


Udanti Sanctuary            

Situated in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary is a small but significant wildlife sanctuary in the district. Recognized in the year 1983 under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, Udanti Sanctuary covers an area of roughly 232 sq km. The landscape of Udanti Sanctuary comprises of conked out mass of land navigated by inestimable hill ranges cut off by stripes of plains. Udanti Sanctuary derives its name from Udanti River flowing from West to East covering the main part of the sanctuary.


The wildlife found in Udanti Sanctuary comprises of Wild Buffalos, Tigers, Panthers, Chital, Chinkara, Four - horned Antelopes, Black Buck, Nilgai, Sambar, Jungle cat, Sloth bear, Barking Deer, Gaur, Porcupine, Wild dog, Monkey, Bison, Jackals, Striped Hyena, Cobras, Fox, Pythons etc. Udanti Sanctuary also has a considerable population of birds with well - known being the Bulbul, Parrots, Peafowl, Egrets, Racket - tailed Drongos, Heron, Lesser whistling Teal, Magpie robin, Pintail, Herons and Rollers to name few.


Kanger Ghati National Park

Situated amidst the 34 kilometer long and picturesque Kanger Valley, Kanger Valley National Park is one of the most fine-looking and quaint national parks of India. Recognized for its attractive exquisiteness and the exceptional and rich biodiversity, the Kanger Valley achieves the class of a National Park in the year 1982.


Major Wildlife of Kanger Valley National Park are the Leopards, Tigers, Mouse Deer, Chital, Wild Cat, Sambar, Jackals, Barking Deer, Langurs, Sloth Bear, Rhesus Macaque, Flying Squirrel, Striped Hyena, Wild Boar, Rabbits, Cobra, Pythons, Crocodiles, Snakes and Monitor Lizards to name a few. The avian fauna comprises of Hill Myna, Red Jungle Fowls, Spotted Owlet, Racket - tailed Drongos, Parrots, Peacocks, Steppe Eagles, Phakta, Red Spur Fall, Bhura Teeter, Heron and Tree Pie among many others.


Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in 1975. It is the proud holder of a wealthy fauna. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary has plentiful species of wild animals like the Wild Bear, Chital, Leopard, striped Hyaena, Tiger Panthera, Canis aureus jackal, Indian wild dog Cuon alpinus, sloth bear Melursus ursinus, Chital Axis axis, Tetracerus quadricornis or four - horned antelope, nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus, Chinkara, Wild Boar, Blackbuck and many more.


Bhoramdeo Sanctuary

Bhoramdeo wild life sanctuary situated at Kabirdham district. It is named after renowned Bhoramdeo temples. The fauna in Bhoramdeo wild life sanctuary comprises generally of wild animals like hyena, leopard, fox, cheetal, bear, nilgai, wild buffalo etc. Sakari River flows through the Bhoramdeo sanctuary and is the source of drinking water for fauna.


Guru Ghasidas National Park

Guru Ghasidas National Park is essentially a part of the earlier Sanjay National Park. This split park was formed when Chhattisgarh was diverged from Madhya Pradesh. 60 percent of the park is situated in the Koriya district of Chhattisgarh.


Leopards, Tigers, Chital, Chinkara, Nilgai, Jackals, Four - horned Antelopes, Sambar, Jungle Cat, Porcupine, Barking Deer, Monkey, Striped Hyena, Bison, Wild Dogs and Sloth Bear are some of the common species instituted in this area. It is also a supreme place to gaze at wandering birds.


Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary

The important species of Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary are chinkara, deer, spotted dear and gazelle. There are other species like Sambar, Nilgai, Chausingha, wild boar, sloth bear, hyena and jackal. Among the birds there are fowl, peacock, pigeon, parrot, stork and quail. At times the migrant birds also stopover this place. Leopards and Tigers are also present in the sanctuary. They are nevertheless in limited numbers.


Pameda Wildlife Sanctuary

Pameda Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. Deers can be easily sighted in Pameda Wildlife Sanctuary. You will also find the spotted deer, the chital, the chinkara and Indian Gazelle. One can also find wild boar, sloth bear, wild dog, wolf, jackal, hyena, nilgai, sambar and bison. There are stunning pigeons, peacocks, quail, jungle fowl, stork and parrots. Wandering birds are also perceptible in diverse parts of the sanctuary.



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