Do you know about Umbrella Scheme and its benefits?

The Umbrella Scheme is a mission of protection and empowerment for Women. On 22 November, 2017, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given approval for the expansion of Umbrella Scheme. This article deals with Umbrella Scheme, its provisions and what are its benefits etc.
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The Umbrella Scheme is a protection and empowerment mission for women. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 22, 2017, gave its approval for the expansion of the scheme of Ministry of Women and Child Development under Umbrella Mission for the period 2017-18 to 2019-20. Not only that, the CCEA has also given the approval of a new scheme called ‘Mahila Shakti Kendra', which will empower rural women through community participation so that they can create an environment in which they use their full potential. Simultaneously, BetiBachaoBetiPadhao scheme expansion has also been approved on the basis of successful implementation in 161 districts.

Whais Umbrella Scheme and its benefits
Benefits of Umbrella Scheme
This scheme is basically for the care, protection and development of women. Its aim is to improve the decreasing Child Sex Ratio, to ensure the survival and protection of the newborn girl child, to ensure higher education and empower her to fulfil her potential. It will also provide an interface for rural women to approach the government to achieve their rights and for empowering them through training and capacity building. Volunteer students will encourage the spirit of voluntary community service and provide awareness about gender equality.
What are the major activities of Umbrella Scheme?
- To envisage the work of Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK) at various levels i.e. National, State, district etc.
- Give foothold to BetiBachaoBetiPadhao Yojana in 640 districts which are to be covered in phased manner.
- Under MSK Scheme 115 most backward districts are envisioned by community engagement through Student Volunteers.
- In this process more than 3 lakh student volunteers from local colleges will be engaged to create awareness in the generation regarding various important government schemes or programs and also social issues. This further helps nation in building a responsible citizen.
- Through web based system the outcome based activities of student volunteers will be monitored. After completion, certificates will be issued on the national portal for verification and can be used as a resource or asset.

Prime Minister’s Plan for all Sections of the Country
- 190 more Working Women Hostels to accommodate approximately 19,000 additional working women will be set up to provide support to working women.
- Additional SwadharGrehs have been approved to provide relief and rehabilitation of approximately 26,000 beneficiaries.
- In 150 additional districts, One Stop Centres (OSCs) will be established to provide comprehensive support to women affected by violence. These centres will be linked with women helpline to provide 24 hour emergency and non-emergency to women affected by violence whether in public or private across the country.
- Engagement of Manila Police Volunteers (MPVs) on a voluntary basis in the States/UTs will also be done to create public-police interface, which will be expanded to 65 districts covering all States /UTs.
About PM Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK) Scheme
This scheme has been envisaged to work at different levels, whereas National level (field based knowledge assistance) and State level (State Resource Centre for Women) structures will provide technical support to the concerned government on issues related to women, district and certain block centres which will provide support to MSK and it will be done in 640 districts covered in the phased manner and also provide support to the Beti BachaoBetiPadhao scheme.
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Scheme
A common task force will be prepared to plan, review and monitor all sub-schemes in this Umbrella at National, State and District levels to ensure the purpose of action and cost efficiency. Each plan will have a set of clear, focused goals set out in the Coalition Guidelines with SDG. The procedure will be given to monitor results based indicators for all the sub-schemes suggested by the NITI Aayog. These schemes will be implemented through States / Union Territories and Implementing Agencies. In all sub-schemes, inbuilt monitoring structure has been included in the central, state, district and block level.
From the above article we come to know about the Umbrella Scheme, how it provides an advantage to women, its provisions, benefits of the Mahila Shakti Kendra Scheme etc.

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