Do You Know: What Are Wormholes?

The universe is full of great mysteries. Scientists have found that wormholes, which were just hypothetical entities before, could be real. But first, let’s understand what wormholes are.
Do You Know: What Are Wormholes?
Do You Know: What Are Wormholes?

Do you know that humans have discovered about 4% percent of the known universe?

The rest ~96% has been not been explored yet. 

We come across bizarre events and cosmic entities, such as black holes, and supernovas, in the discovered 4%. Can you imagine what the rest of the unexplored universe would look like and what horrors or fascinations it would contain?

First, let’s talk about Einstein’s theory of General relativity.

Albert Einstein, the brilliant physicist, was way ahead of his own time. In 1915, he came up with the theory that there are massive objects in space with so much mass that they warp space and time, creating a curvature around them, which creates the gravitational force of those objects. The theory isn’t just a theory, it has been proved scientifically true. 

The theory of general relativity has also helped up understand a little bit about one of the most enigmatic entities in the universe, black holes. 

Black holes are the densest objects in the whole of the known universe and they are just empty space with so much gravitational pull that even when light, the fastest thing in the universe, enters into it, it cannot escape. 

But where do these things swallowed by the black holes go?

This is where our hypothetical wormholes come into the picture. 

Recently, scientists have proposed a model, which theorizes that wormholes could be real and existing in space. 

We have heard of black holes and even white holes, but what are wormholes? Let’s find out. 

What is Black Hole?

What Are Wormholes?

Wormholes are like a tunnel, connecting two distant points in space-time. Wormholes are believed to act as a shortcut, as the time taken to travel through the hypothetical bridge is said to be substantially less than the distance between the two points. 

In the 1930s, a colleague of Einstein, Nathan Rosen, proposed that there was no reason why a bridge couldn't be created between a black hole and a white hole (the opposite end of a black hole). 

This is why wormholes are often attributed to as Einstein-Rosen bridge. 

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Are Wormholes Real?

There is a lot of debate in the scientific community about the existence of black holes. 

We have not yet discovered an actual wormhole existing in space, but the theory of these time-traveling bridges has been proposed by the genius Albert Einstein.

One amazing fact about Einstein's theory of general relativity is that every single prediction has proved to be true, this is why many scientists believe in the existence of black holes, and many others believe them to be hypothetical objects, which are only prevalent in fictional stories. 

However, a study published in the Physical Review D theorizes that the entrances to black holes and white holes could be connected by wormholes, acting as a space-time conduit. And that wormholes are real and exist in space, but are hiding in plain sight. 

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Whatever the case, one thing is certain, the theory of general relativity has never disappointed physicists and scientists, and every single theory has proven to be correct. It’s only a matter of time before scientists discover proof of the existence of time-traveling bridges, otherwise known as wormholes, or Einstein-Rosen bridge. 


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