Finding the pigeon in this optical illusion image is as hard as finding love! Can you find it?

Pigeons are magnificent beings, but things get difficult when you aren’t able to find them. Can you spot the hidden pigeon?
Find the hidden pigeon!
Find the hidden pigeon!

Pigeons are beautiful birds. They resemble peace and purity. They are perhaps the quietest beings, making minimal noise, but their mere presence makes one feel at ease.


The Almighty has indeed been a bit biased toward pigeons.


They have added a sense of purity and peace to these beings that if one looks at pigeons, they connect with that heavenly peace.


Pigeons are indeed magnificent beings!


There are around 300 million pigeons on the planet, and all of them have the same quality. 


Do you know?


Pigeons are great parents too. Have you ever spotted a baby pigeon? Think about it! No, right! That’s because pigeons hide their baby pigeons from the external world. Isn’t it just like how all protective and loving parents are?


Pigeons hide their little babies from all the outside dangers.


Additionally, one more aspect that sets pigeons apart from other beings is that surprisingly, they are extremely smart. Well, they remember faces. Thus, in case you are nice to them, they may cherish you, and in case you are not, beware of them.


Well, the pigeon in the picture below may also remember your face if you manage to spot it in 10 seconds. Are you ready?


But before that, read these rules…

The rules are pretty straightforward. Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Next, start the timer and look at the picture carefully to spot the hidden pigeon.


Are you ready? Here you go! Spot the hidden pigeon in 10 seconds!

Image Source: Planetworm Riddles & Tests (YouTube)

Could you spot the hidden pigeon?


Scroll down to know where it is actually sitting.

Image Source: Planetworm Riddles & Tests (YouTube)

So you know, pigeons are magnificent beings worth celebrating. In case you liked this blog, you may also like:

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