Fruit leather vs Animal leather! Which one is better? Know the key differences here!

The fashion industry always comes up with many, lucrative, clothing options, but sadly, many of them have been resultants of animal cruelty. Not any more, as “fruit-leather” aims to become a new big thing in the fashion industry. Know the key differences between animal leather and fruit leather, here.
Animal leather vs fruit leather! What is better?
Animal leather vs fruit leather! What is better?

Animal cruelty has always been a story behind the changing fashion trends. With every fancy leather jacket you see at a mart, there is one animal somewhere in the world losing its life or body parts for its design. The furry blankets we wear in the chilling cold are perhaps the coating over some animal's body. With the world changing so rapidly, and the demands of the fashion industry rising in leaps and bounds, heinous cruelty towards the wild for its body has become a norm. This rising norm is causing a severe depletion of certain animal species, thereby adversely affecting the whole world. 


On the other hand, we have some eco-friendly and animal-friendly alternatives that are good, but perhaps not that popular among the masses.


Let’s talk about animal leather and fruit leather. Not many people know that something called “fruit leather” is present in the market.


Let’s talk about fruit leather

This kind of leather is essentially derived from the waste obtained from the fruit juicing industry.


Fruit bits that are thrown out and waste from the existing fruit industries contribute to the creation of such leather. Needless to say, this type of leather creation eliminates all chances of cruelty towards any being.


Similarly, plant leather too is derived from such organic waste, like leaves of cacti and many fruit leaves. This waste is then upcycled into leather with the help of innovative technology.


Fruit leather and animal leather compared

While fruit leather is a more animal-friendly choice, it involves the use of high-end technology which thereby makes it more expensive. However, plant and fruit leather are more sustainable than animal leather.


Not to miss, fruit leather does not involve any animal cruelty, while animal leather does. 


Not many people know another downside of using animal leather.


The creation of animal leather involves the hides being placed in a chromium salt bath. Due to this method, the l; layers of fat and hair are removed, ensuring that the resultant leather would be soft. However, the process involves the use of toxic chemicals that get dissolved in water, now, this toxic water is then disposed of, which can be disastrous for the aquatic ecosystem.


Finally, plant leather is said to last longer and age gracefully as compared to animal leather.


How can fruit leather prove to be a better alternative?


While by now it must be clear that fruit leather is a more environmentally friendly option. However, it has other benefits to consider too.


Firstly, this type of leather is durable and it ages well. Additionally, you might be surprised to know that it gets better with age. 


Moreover, the most favorite factor of many fashion enthusiasts is that this type of leather is quite easy to replay and maintains its good looks despite multiple wears.


Thirdly, such a type of leather can be recycled and repurposed. Its life lasts between 10 to 50 years.


And finally, such leather is versatile in nature, which means it can be made to use in many industries including fashion, furniture, and more.

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