GK Questions with answers on Science Physics (Magnetic field of electric Current) Set I

19-JUL-2016 17:45

    GK Questions with answers on Science Physics (Magnetic field of electric Current) Set I ,in this set you will find repository of 10 Objective Type Questions that will help you to attune and equipped for different competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, IAS-prelims, NDA, CDS, SSC, State Services etc as well as academic examinations.

    1. Who discovered the magnetic field of current?

    A. William Gilbert

    B. Hans Christian Oersted

    C. Benjamin Franklin

    D. Charles Augustin de Coulomb

    Ans: B

    2. Magnetic effect of current gives rise to which force?

    A. Mechanical

    B. Friction

    C. Spring

    D. Gravitational

    Ans: A

    3. Magnetic effect around a wire is due to:

    A. The presence of metal

    B. Current flowing in it

    C. Circular loop

    D. No current in it

    Ans: B

    4. Which of the following utilise magnetic effect of current?

    A. Electric motor

    B. Telephone

    C. Radio

    D. All of the above

    Ans: D

    5. What kind of magnetic field lines will be produced around a straight wire carrying current?

    A. Bigger circles

    B. Straight

    C. Concentrated circles

    D. Parallel straight

    Ans: C

    6. According to Maxwell’s right-hand thumb rule, what gives the direction of magnetic field lines around the wire?

    A. Direction of thumb

    B. Direction of fingers encircling wire

    C. Direction opposite to thumb

    D. Direction of index finger

    Ans: B

    7. Maxwell’s right-hand thumb rule is also known as:

    A. Biot-Savart law

    B. Hall Effect

    C. Born rule

    D. Corkscrew rule

    Ans: D

    8. Which of the following current carrying wires will have strong magnetic field?

    A. Straight

    B. Circular loop

    C. Solenoid

    D. All of the above

    Ans: C

    9. The strength of magnetic field produced by a current carrying circular coil can be increased by:

    A. Increasing number of turns of wire

    B. Increasing current flow

    C. Decreasing radius of coil

    D. All of the above

    Ans: D

    10. What is a long coil containing a large number of close turns of insulated copper wire called?

    A. Straight

    B. Solenoid

    C. Circular loop

    D. Stranded

    Ans: B

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