What is Koo App: Know all about the Indian alternative to Twitter

Know all about Koo App here. Why has it been launched and what is the reason for the Indian Government's support for it? Know its uses, significance and the list of top users of Koo here
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Koo App details
Koo App details

Why in News?

Central Government has asked the microblogging site, Twitter to block the suspicious accounts. Various departments of the Union Government has started flocking on Koo App. It is a homemade version of the social networking platform. 

Who founded Koo?

The site was co-founded by entrepreneurs Aparmeya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidwatka. Radhakrishna has also founded the online can booking service TaxiForSure, which was sold to Ola cabs. Koo's parent company is Bombinate Technologies Pvt Ltd. It also launched the Indian version of Quora called Vokal.

According to data from Crunchbase, the company raised a Series A funding in 2018 from a bunch of investors that include Blume Ventures, Kalaari Capital and Accel Partners India.  

What is Koo App?

  1. It is like Twitter, that is a microblogging site. It is used to express views and opinion on various topics. 
  2. The app supports multiple Indian regional languages. Koo supports 
    1. Hindi 
    2. Telugu
    3. Kannada 
    4. Bengali 
    5. Tamil 
    6. Malayalam
    7. Gujarati 
    8. Marathi 
    9. Punjabi 
    10. Oriya
    11. Assamese 
  3. The application came into front after government’s Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge.
  4. All the Koo App users can share various posts, audio, video, photos on it
  5. Like Twitter, Koo also allows Direct Messages to be used by its users
  6. One can also conduct polls on the microblogging website 

How did Koo come into the light?

  1. The App was launched in early 2020. 
  2. It came into limelight when it participated in the Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge and then subsequently won it. 
  3. The App along with the other Made in India applications like Zoho and Chingari- won the challenge.
  4. The challenge was launched by the Centre when it was about to ban various Chinese Apps in India citing security concerns. 
  5. The Prime Minister mentioned the Application in his Mann ki Baat address.  

Which prominent persons have their accounts on Koo App?

  1. Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal
  2. Law & IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad
  3. Tejasvi Surya 
  4. Shobha Karandlaje 
  5. Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa
  6. Isha Foundation’s Jaggi Vasudev
  7. Javagal Srinath  
  8. Anil Kumble 
  9. Union IT Ministry 
  10. India Post 
  11. Niti Aayog

Government's support to Koo App

The move has come at a time when the largest microblogging site of the world has not responded favourably to the Government's terms. The Indian Government then pushed an alternative in the market against the microblogging apps/ social media platforms. 

Union IT Ministry had noted that “Twitter is obliged to obey the directions of the government. Refusal to do so will invite penal action”. Now that the applications are brought as an alternative to Twitter, the Government expects the American Company to obey its demands. 

The only concern using the Koo App is being cut off from the rest of the world. The domestic audience would shift to Koo but the Indian audience may bot be able to connect with the global audience in case they do not use other bigger microblogging sites.

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Who has their account on Koo?

Many prominent people like Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal, Law & IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Tejasvi Surya , Shobha Karandlaje are using Koo App.

Can I send messages in Koo App?

Yes, one can direct message like Twitter through Koo App.

What is Koo?

It is a microblogging site like Twitter developed in India by Indians

Who found Koo App?

The site was co-founded by entrepreneurs Aparmeya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidwatka.
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