Math Riddle: Are you the smart one to solve the Age Gap Problem between John and Jack?

John and Jack are fighting over being the eldest. Can you solve this age gap problem using mathematical skills?
Can you solve the Age gap problem between John and Jack?
Can you solve the Age gap problem between John and Jack?

Math riddles are entertaining puzzles that put your brain to the test. They frequently involve numbers or letters that are related in some way. For instance, you could be asked to determine whether two words share a letter or a number.

Math riddles are excellent for honing your math skills, particularly if you find it difficult to do basic arithmetic. The task is to solve them through logic and reasoning. Try this math riddle to hone your problem-solving abilities.

Recently, John and Jack got into an ugly spat while discussing their age. However, one of them says that he was three years older two years ago than the other one. And now to find the real age of the two, you have to deal with the math riddle.

What is the math puzzle?

Here it comes. 

Can You Find The Age Gap Between John and Jack?

Look at the mat riddle posted below.


Can you solve this riddle?

Find this too easy?

Fine, let’s turn this into a challenge. 

Set a timer to 09 seconds and try to find the answer within the allotted time. 

Good luck!

Math Riddle Answers

You must have figured out the answer by now. If you have, congratulations are in order. We knew you could do this. 

Still, we are going to reveal the answer so you can cross-check your answer.

The use of even numbers is one solution to this math puzzle: In three years, the elder brother will be twice as old as his younger brother. This immediately rules out the older brother, who is currently 8, 11, and 14, implying he must be 17, and the younger brother, who is currently 7. They were 15 and 5, respectively, two years ago, and will be 20 and 10 in three years.

We are sure, the fun was abundant! Also, do not forget to get back and enjoy more of this math riddle.

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