National Parent’s Day 2020: History and Significance

National Parent’s Day 2020: Every Year on the fourth Sunday of July National parent's Day is celebrated to recognise the role of parents in children's life. In 2020 it falls on 26 July, Why National Parent's Day is celebrated, what is the history behind the celebration and significance. Let us find out!
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National Parent's Day
National Parent's Day

National Parent’s Day 2020: Parent's are the gift of God on Earth. Nobody can take their place in the life. They are the precious gift of nature. They play an important role in the children's life. National Parent's Day is celebrated to promote the responsible parenting and to recognise positive parental role models. No doubt this day also observe the special bond of love and care between parents and their children.

National Parent’s Day: History

President Bill Clinton in 1994 signed a law and a resolution was adopted by the US Congress to establish fourth Sunday of every July as parent's Day. This day is similar to Mother's day and Father's day. In the Congressional resolution it is mentioned that Parent's Day is established for "recognising, uplifting and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children".

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How Parent’s Day is celebrated?

On this day every year, Americans recognise outstanding parents and celebrate the teamwork in raising children and support the role of parents in providing guidance and help in building a strong and stable society. Throughout the nation several states, community leaders organise Parent's Day events.

To honour parents, local Parent's day Committees are made up of volunteers, public officials, community leaders, ministers, teachers, students etc. who organise various events. Since 1994, every year, these local communities sponsored annual Parent's Day programs in America and gathered nominations and provide award to some incredible parents in town and neighbourhoods. It is also necessary to spend time with parents or visit someone who was like a parent to you.

Importance of Parent's in our life

- Parent's play a tremendous role in the development of child. However, their roles can't be defined and they play so many. Parents provide everything that a child need at the time of development.

- Parents help us to make educated. Parents admit us in schools, colleges for better education. For the future of their children parents do all sacrifices and reduce their own living cost.

- They provide unconditional love to their children's.

- They provide financial and moral support.

- Support of the family is an integral part of everyone's life. Family means parents, grandparents. Parents are home.

- Parents teach children the value of discipline and relationships.

-  Parent's are the best friends.

- Parents are always ready to catch you when you fall.

There are so many reasons that why parents are important. Some of them are mentioned above.

However, it is our sanskaras and thinking, how much respect and importance we give to our parents. They help us in every step of our life, they trained us to face future challenges whatever comes in our life. Parents live for us, they are our first teacher. We should respect them and their decisions.

Happy Parent's Day!

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