National Press Day 2022: Date, History, Significance, Theme & More

National Press Day 2022: Every year on November 16, people commemorate a free and accountable press. On this day, the Press Council of India began its role as a moral watchdog, making sure that the press upholds high standards and is unhindered by any outside pressure or threats.
National Press Day 2022
National Press Day 2022

National Press Day 2022: Every year on November 16th, National Press Day is observed to recognize and honor the Press Council of India (PCI). The day celebrates the existence of a free and accountable press in the nation.

Let’s take an insight into the history and significance of National Press Day.


The First Press Commission decided in 1956 to establish a statutory body with the authority to uphold journalistic ethics. The Commission believed that a managing body was necessary to communicate with the press community and to mediate any disputes that might arise.
On November 16, 1966, the PCI was established. Since then, November 16 has been designated as National Press Day in India to honor the council's founding.
Since then, the Press Council of India has taken on the role of a moral vigilance organization on this day to ensure that the press upholds the high standards expected of such a powerful medium and is not influenced by or threatened by any outside forces.


Because it was established specifically to protect the free press, which is the fourth pillar of democracy, the council is essential to India. It consequently continuously strives to ensure that journalism's credibility is maintained.

It draws attention to the system's shortcomings and issues, helps the government find solutions, and strengthens the fundamental values of the democratic system of government.

National Press Day: Wishes, Greetings, Status & more.

Other key points are:

  • Ensuring that publications can continue to operate independently.
  • Maintain high standards for news that is consumed by the public.
  • Keep an eye out for any developments that might impede the free flow of news or information.
  • Create a journalistic code of conduct to ensure high standards of professionalism.
  • Create a code of conduct for news organizations to uphold strict standards of professionalism.
  • Give aspiring journalists training.
  • It works to advance technical and other news-related research fields.

The Press Council Act of 1978 established the Press Council of India (PCI) as a statutory organization. It is the supreme authority in India for controlling print media. It enjoys governmental independence. This article clearly explains the components of PCI as well as its capabilities and restrictions.

The council is traditionally presided over by a retired Supreme Court judge and 28 additional members, 20 of whom are representatives of Indian media organizations, according to the Press Council of India's official website.

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