Optical Illusion: Can you find a pig among birds in this image within 15 seconds?

In this optical illusion picture, a pig is hiding in plain sight among the birds. Only sharp-eyed individuals can find the hidden pig in 15 seconds. Test your observation skills by attempting this optical illusion challenge now!
Find Pig Among Birds in 15 Seconds
Find Pig Among Birds in 15 Seconds

Optical Illusion Test: Optical illusions are mind-bending images that challenge your perception and test your observation skills. There are three types of optical illusions: literal, physiological, and cognitive.


The beauty of optical illusions is their ability to attract the user's attention and capture it for a period.


Optical illusions are also good for improving an individual's observation skills and enhancing cognitive abilities.


With regular practice, one can quickly master the ability to solve optical illusions.


Do you have good observation skills?


Let’s find out.


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Optical Illusion - Find Pig among Birds in 15 seconds


Source: PlayBuzz


The image shared above depicts an outdoor scene in which you can see small trees, and grass spread throughout the scene.


Also seen in the image are small birds that resemble birds from the Angry Birds game.


Hidden among these birds is a pig which you need to find within 15 seconds.


Optical illusions are a good way to test your observation skills and intelligence. A similar test is conducted here, where you have to find the pig in the above-given picture within 15 seconds.


Although it is considered a good way to test your intelligence, it is not the only means of doing so.


However, if you really want to know your IQ levels, professionally created IQ tests are the best way to find out. 


Only 10% of people can spot three owls in this optical illusion picture within 10 seconds. Can you?

Did You Find the Pig in 15 Seconds?

The pig has blended itself with the surroundings comprising of birds which makes it difficult to spot the pig at first glance.


The best way to ace this challenge is to focus really hard on the image to find the pig. 


Individuals with exceptional observation skills will be able to find the pig easily.


Those who are trying the optical illusion challenge for the first time will need more time to find the pig


With time and practice observation skills can be improved greatly.


Did you find the pig in this picture?


Hurry up; the time is running out.


Focus your attention on the image and see if you notice anything that looks like a pig.


No luck yet?


Need a hint?


Here it is.


The pig will be different in appearance than the birds and it is the only clue that will help you find the pig faster.


Now, have you seen the pig?


Not much time is left.


Only a few seconds are remaining.










Time’s up.


How many of you have spotted the pig?


Those who are curious to know the answer can check the solution below.


Keep reading.

Find the Pig Among Birds in 15 Seconds - Solution

The pig can be spotted at the bottom left side of the image, it is differentiated from the birds by its ears, nose and legs.



We hope you had fun while solving this tricky challenge.


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