Solar power stations in Germany

Following is the list of Solar power stations in Germany
Created On: Jun 15, 2013 15:17 IST

Power Station



Commissioned date 

 Solarpark Alt Daber


53°12′N 12°31′E 

 3 December 2011

Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark Briest 52°26′12″N 12°27′05″E December 2011
Cottbus-Drewitz Solarpark Cottbus-Drewitz
51°56′N 14°32′E October 2011
Eggebek Solar Park Eggebek 54°37′46″N 9°20′36″E 2011
Solarpark Eiche Lauingen 52°34′N 13°36′E 2011


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