Somewhere, a hen pigeon looks for her pigeon! Can you spot the hidden pigeon in this optical illusion image?

Pigeons are love birds. However, the pigeon couple in the story below seem to have a difficult time today. Can you help them patch up with this optical illusion challenge?
Find the hidden pigeon, and enjoy this cute story!
Find the hidden pigeon, and enjoy this cute story!

Pigeons are symbols of love.


They symbolize peace and tranquility, while also giving off feelings of love and affection.


Do you know that pigeons stay loyal to only one partner throughout their lives?


The human race should be envious of this characteristic of pigeons. While humans give up on their relations after trivial issues, pigeons choose to stick along once they decide on their life partner. 


That is the beauty of the relationships among pigeons.


On this note, let us present to you a cute story along with a challenge. Remember, if you are someone who finds logic in stories, the below-stated story may not interest you. However, if you seek stories that evoke feelings in you, this is the right piece of content you are reading today.


Read on.


Once, during the season of the annual migration of pigeons, a hen pigeon, and her partner decided that they would flee to a comfortable place.


They had decided on the destination and booked the flight tickets. Wait, we are talking about birds! We take our words back.


Mr. Noah’s dog is acting cute. Find the hidden dog in the farm of this sweet story!


The two love birds were all set to flee. However, the hen pigeon got a bit late, making the pigeon cranky.


The pigeon went out for a walk, oh sorry, a short flight, while the hen pigeon was taking her own sweet time to get ready. Finally, the hen pigeon was ready and came out of her room only to find out that the pigeon was not there. Scared, she went to look for the pigeon on the streets, and then in the woods, but could not find him.


The hen pigeon got furious and sad at the same time. Have a glance at her!

Image Source:

Can you find the hen pigeon on the streets?

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Well, we found him!


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

We don’t know what happened next between the couple. All we found was a card with “I am sorry darling, I only went for a short flight.” written on it.


We wish for a sweet and speedy patch-up between the couple.


While the pigeon is busy cheering his sweetie up, why don’t you try the following challenge?


Oh, we’ve found the dog, but where is the cat hiding in the busy street? Let’s find it together!

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