Optical Illusion: Consider Yourself a Keen Observer? Spot The Hidden Robots in 16 Seconds

You are the record holder if you can spot the hidden robots in this optical illusion in 16 seconds. Test your observation skills now with this mind-boggling image.
Can you spot the hidden robots in this optical illusion
Can you spot the hidden robots in this optical illusion

Optical Illusions: Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. We live in a postmodern society where technical advancements rule the day. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots are examples of such breakthroughs that are expected to replace humans. It is projected that AI and robots will eventually replace humans in numerous occupations, including servers at restaurants and hotels.

In this particular optical illusion, rather than employing robots to serve its patrons, the restaurant is actually serving robots to them.

Take a long, good look at this picture.


Image Credit: RS Components 

Here, you can see people in pairs dining at this restaurant.

But there is an imposter among them.

Among these living, breathing humans is a pair of metallic humanoids.

Can you find them?

Your time starts now.

Pick up your phone or your watch and set the timer to 16 seconds.

Now, relax your mind, take a deep breath, and start the timer.

1… 2… 3… … 16

And the timer comes to a stop!

Time’s Up

If you found the robots in 16 seconds or fewer, congratulations! You are indeed a keen observer.

But if you cannot find it, then that is no problem at all. We know that this optical illusion is hard. Everyone in the image looks the same.


But allow us to give you a teeny-tiny hint.

Look at the eyes of the customers.

You will find that two pairs of eyes are very different from the others. The robots, though similarly dressed as another couple in the illusion, have strikingly distinct features from the rest.

Still can’t find them?

Let us provide you with another hint.

The robots are hidden somewhere in the middle of this optical illusion.  

Have you found them now?

If yes, amazing!

If you haven’t already found them, it is no problem.

Fret no further; it is time to reveal the answer….

...And drum rolls!



The robots are seated three tables from the bottom and three from the left, and they are clothed identically to the two women seated at other tables in the image.

Mind= Blown, right?

About the optical illusion

This mind-boggling image was created by RS Components, which is a great way to foreshadow the emergence of machines and robots over the next few decades.

Isn’t it surprising how the world has shifted and tilted a hundred-and-eighty degrees on its axis? Well, we can ponder upon how the world has changed some other time.

For the time being, we hope that this optical illusion has refreshed your consciousness, or at least helped you to forget about certain things. We really hope that you continue to solve these brainteasers so that your mind can benefit from a fantastic workout. If you're interested in reading more stories like this, revisit our page for more stimulating and entertaining reading.

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