The eSIM: What Is It, Its Demerits, And How To Activate eSIM From Airtel, Jio On iPhone 13, iPhone 14, And Other iPhones?

The eSIMs started in 2018, and since then, many telecom companies have offered the facility to opt for an eSIM. Now, Apple is offering an eSIM-only model for the iPhone 14 series in the US. Read on to know what an eSIM actually is, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to activate it from Jio and Airtel on all your iPhones.
What Is The eSiIM? How To Activate It?
What Is The eSiIM? How To Activate It?

The concept of eSIM took birth when Apple eliminated the SIM card slot in the iPhone 14 series of the US model. However, iPhone buyers in India and other countries do get the SIM card slot. Apple, however, welcomed the eSIM support in 2018 with its Apple Watch 3 LTE. This eSIM support was later extended to iPhones. Users were given the twofold benefit of using one physical SIM card and an eSIM, thereby offering the convenience of a dual SIM smartphone.


The eSIM today is not a new concept in India. It's been a while since companies like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone have already commenced providing eSIM service for iPhones. However, not all iPhone wonders in the country make use of eSIM. 


Now that Apple is providing an eSIM-only model for the iPhone 14 series in the US, it becomes imperative to understand what an eSIM actually is.


What Is An eSIM?


The eSIM is actually an abbreviation for Embedded-Subscriber Identity Module. This type of SIM is embedded in the device and is fundamentally a virtual SIM card activated on a supported device.


The concept of eSIM is not very different from the internal memory of your smartphone in one aspect. Can you take out the internet memory or expand it? No, right. However, you can absolutely save data on it.


In a similar sense, in the case of an eSIM, the Subscriber Identity Module card date is activated or digitally transferred by operators like Airtel, Vi, or Jio.


Does An eSIM Offer Better Internet Speeds Or Enhanced Cellular Reception?


No, the eSIM has no role in offering better internet speeds or enhanced cellular reception. It is nothing but a digital copy of your SIM card. Another important thing to note here is that it is not possible to have a physical SIM and an eSIM for the same mobile number. After the activation of your eSIM, your physical SIM card does not remain operational.


Another thing to consider here is that it is not possible to physically replace eSIMs like in the case of traditional SIMs. This implies that you will have to contact your telecom operator if you wish to swap an eSIM. However, you can, very effortlessly, share the same eSIM with a smartphone and a paired smartwatch. This simply means that you can use the eSIMs with the same phone number on your smartwatch and your iPhone.


The eSIM comes with one great advantage. In case your phone ever gets stolen, the culprit will not be able to own your mobile phone by inserting his SIM card into it.


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Downsides Of The ESIM?


As stated earlier, eSIMs do not give you the liberty of physical control of your SIM card. This would sometimes make you think that you are stuck with your phone. Unlike what you did with the physical SIM card, you cannot take out the eSIM and put it on a new phone all of a sudden as per your will. This becomes a huge demerit in cases when your phone accidentally gets damaged and you need to make an instant substitute operational to continue working.


Secondly, just because you cannot swap the eSIM with a local SIM card on your own in an emergency situation or whenever you feel like it, you will most of the time be dependent on the customer support of your telecom operator.


Activation Of The eSIM


Well, activating the eSIM on your device is not as difficult as it sounds. Here’s your guide to activating your eSIM on your phone. Read on.



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Activating Jio eSEM On iPhones Including iPhone 13, iPhone 14, And More


Jio eSIM is already in use by users of iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone XS Nax, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now, Jio eSIM is all set to be supported on iPhone 14 series as well.


A thing to consider here is that before applying for an eSIM, ensure that your iPhone runs iOS 12.1 or above.



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Activating JIO eSIM On iPhone 14, iPhone 13, And Other iPhones- The Steps


  • Go to “Settings’ and click on “General”. Now, go to “About” and the EID and IMEI number will appear. Note it down.


  • Now, all you have to do is drop an SMS, typing “GETESIM,<32 Digit EID><15 Digit IMEI>” from your device for which you are applying for the eSIM to 199.


  • Now that you have sent the SMS, you will be getting a 19 digit eSIM number along with the eSIM profile configuration details. You will also be sent a notification to configure the profile.


  • Next, SMS SIMCHG <19-digit eSIM number> to 199.


  • Once done, SMS ‘1” to 183 for an automated call. Enter ‘1’ on the call to confirm. The call may ask for your 19 digit eSIM number. You will be receiving an SMS once the confirmation is successful. 


  • Next, install ‘Data Plan’ on your phone to activate the eSIM. Once done, hit the ‘Continue’ button.


  • Did not receive the notification? No worries. Click on ‘Settings’ and click ‘Jio Data Plan Ready to be Installed’. Next, simply click on ‘Continue’ to activate your Jio eSIM.

Activating Airtel On eSIM On iPhone 14, iPhone 13, And Other iPhones


  • Whether you want to activate Airtel eSIM on your device or convert your physical SIM card to eSIM, send an SMS with the ‘eSIM registered email id’ to 121.


  • Now, after checking if your email id is valid, Airtel will send an SMS to confirm the process.


  • Next, type ‘1’ in the reply in the mail in 60 seconds to confirm the eSIM request.


  • Airtel will now offer support and restart the eSIM activation for users.


  • After your eSIM request is confirmed, Airtel will call you over telephone asking for the final consent and will offer details about the QR code.


  • After the confirmation and consent process is done, users will be given an official QR code on their email ID. You will then have to scan the QR code, the eSIM will get activated in 2 hours.


Scanning The QR Code To Activate Airtel eSIM On iPhone 14


  • The process to scan the QR code is pretty simple. Once you receive the QR code by Airtel on your registered email ID, simply go to your device’s settings. Now, connect to the WiFi network.


  • Once you do that, click on ‘Mobile Network’. Now, select the ‘Advanced’ option.


  • Now select the ‘Add Carrier’ option in the ‘Advanced Settings’ and ‘Scan’ the QR Code.

  • After you have scanned the QR code, select the ‘Download’ button and finish the process.

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