We dare you to find the letter "B" thrice in this mind-boggling brain teaser!

Do you wish to test your logical reasoning? Check it out here with this exciting brain teaser.
Find the letter B three times!
Find the letter B three times!

Do you ever miss those school magazines and comics you used to hide in your textbooks during a boring lecture?


There is always a kids' section in such magazines that caters to the craving for fun and excitement. 


On one section of the page were those sparkling coloring pictures for the children with a strong inclination towards aesthetics, colors, and arts.


Children who jump to such sections are often great artists of tomorrow. 


The next section was always that of funny riddles. Now, riddles of any genre would come and the tiny tots would enjoy all of those riddles. 

For instance, on some days, a riddle on fruits would come, and on some other days, a riddle on planets.


The beauty of riddles is that they never bore anyone.  All sorts of people enjoyed riddles, especially if they made them compete with their peers. 


Oh, how could we miss math puzzles, crosswords, and riddles? This section was specifically designed for the children who did not hate numbers and algebra, but rather enjoyed them thoroughly. 

However, even students who would fail to score even the bare minimum marks in mathematics were confident enough to give those math puzzles a shot.

And guess what, some of their answers actually used to get right!

Next came the section for jokes. Honestly speaking, those silly jokes never made anyone laugh hard. However, those 4-5 jokes were enough to bring a smile to my face, if not a vast grin.

Next came the most alluring section of these all, the brain teasers. Believe it or not, brain teasers have never failed to excite students and adults alike. These spicy teasers compel us to think out of the box, and make use of our logical reasoning to answer the tricky ones.


Today, let's relive those school days.


 Let's bring those brain teasers of your shiny school magazines to the very same blog you are reading right now.


Here's an exciting brain teaser for you!


Are your eyes sharp enough? Do you consume milk and nuts every day?


 Well, today is a good day to prove your sharp eyesight and superb reasoning skills.


Are you ready?


Let's get started


Find the letter "b" three times in this brain teaser!


Wait, considering this challenge an easy one could be a big mistake. 


This challenge is pretty difficult to crack. And what makes this challenge even harder is the strict time limit.



Phew! That's going to be tough.


Follow these steps!

Set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start the timer and gaze at the image carefully. Don't miss the corners.

The image: Find the letter "b" three times in this image


Could you find them?



Let's look at them, one by one!

The first appearance of the letter "B".


The second appearance of the letter "B".


The third appearance of the letter "B".


Could you find them all? Even if you could find 2 of them, you can consider your logical reasoning to be strong! Kudos!

These math riddles with answers on triangles will make your brain run in circles!

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