We’ll consider you SMART if you manage to find the hidden rabbit in this optical illusion image!

Rabbits are super-cute creatures! Can you spot the hidden rabbit?
Can you spot the hidden rabbit?
Can you spot the hidden rabbit?

Can you guess the cutest creature in the world? Well, it is not your favorite television show crush! It is the rabbits.


Rabbits are fun creatures that make everyone go just "awwww".


Moreover, they are social creatures and they love living in groups. And oh, have you ever noticed their cute teeth? They are the epitome of cuteness.


Do you know that those cute teeth of rabbits never stop growing? Actually, they are gradually worn down as the animal chews hay and grasses. This means that they actually never get too long, but if given a chance, they would actually never stop growing.


Moreover, there is one more fact about rabbits that you might not be knowing. These cute creatures have eyes not in the front but on the sides of their head. This implies that rabbits can view almost all the way around them. There is nothing in nature that is without any specific reason. Those eyes on the sides help rabbits keep a watch for predators. 

Interested in more such facts? We have you all covered. 

But hey, nothing comes without a cost.


Before hopping to the facts, go through the image below. There is a hidden rabbit in the picture. Can you find it within 10 seconds?

Image Source:  The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Time's up!!!!

Could you find the hidden rabbit?

Well, here you go!

Image source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Well, even if you could succeed in finding the hidden rabbit or not, we promised to offer you some more interesting facts about rabbits. Read on.

A male rabbit is called a buck, female rabbits are called a doe, and baby rabbits are called kits.


And lastly, rabbits take an athletic jump, called a “binky”. In a “binky”, rabbits happily perform twists and kicks in mid-air.


These math riddles are sure to confuse you a little!

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