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    What is Climate Apocalypse & is climate change irreversible now ? Know all details

    Scientists around the world have recently called for a joint action against rising temperatures and pollutants leading to an irreversible climate change. This they have termed as Climate Change Apocalypse. Take a look at the details below.
    Created On: Sep 7, 2021 15:14 IST
    Modified On: Sep 7, 2021 16:01 IST
    Climate Change Apocalypse
    Climate Change Apocalypse

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently published a report stating that we are moving forward to a climate apocalypse. IPCC has released the sixth assessment report which is Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. It has been formed by the Working Group 1.

    IPCC is now preparing for its sixth assessment report and refining it with timely revisions. The UN Chief has termed IPCC report on Climate Change as Red Code for for Humanity. 

    Scientists have been warning us from quite sometime now for global warming becoming a menace. It would be causing the worst catastrophe if not contained within time. Take a look at the details of the Climate Apocalypse below. 

    What is the Climate Apocalypse?

    It is a climate induced collapse that would involve global changes in human civilization. Humans could even go extinct after this event. Researchers have pointed out that we are actually progressing towards a climatic apocalypse quite faster than it was predicted. 

    In September 2021, scholars published an emergency action against this temperature rise and change which would be catastrophic to human health. 

    Facts supporting that Climate Change is real:

    • The world is 1.1 degree Celsius warmer than it was before the Industrial Revolution. 
    • The temperatures are predicted to soar high by half a degree within the next decade. 
    • The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report on August 9, 2021. It was the first review of the science research since 2013. IPCC has been providing periodic assessment of the risks related to climate change since 2013. It also informed how to mitigate it and save oneself from this change. 
    • "The report clearly shows that we are living the consequences already of climate change everywhere, but furthermore, that we will experience further and concurrent and multiple changes" with each fraction of a degree of additional warming, Argentinian meteorologist Carolina Vera said.
    • Florida has algal blooms which are also called red tides but they have turned toxic due to heavy pollution.
    • Australia saw a wild fire bigger than ever followed by many such incidents in two years, most recently being Turkey. 
    • There has been way too much beaching of the whales and other fishes due to increased temperatures and pollution.
    • New York has faced floods recently, along with many notable floods in India as well.
    • An iceberg in Antarctica the size of Puerto Rico has been broken. 

    This all shows how rapidly the Earth is progressing towards apocalypse. 


    The study further states that in case global temperatures rise two degrees in the coming decade, the Greenland ice sheet will slide into the sea and result in a six-foot rise in sea levels, enough to swamp most coastal cities. 

    Also glaciers and snow packs that provide water to humankind will disappear. Aquifers will also be tapped out. The consequences could be seen with farmlands becoming deserts, and  starvation occurring on a massive scale around the world.

    breaking glacier

    What are the effects of the Climate Apocalypse recently seen?

    CoronaVirus: Scientists are of the view that since forests have been cut off to a larger extent, animals have been in closer contact with humans which has led to the circulation of such viral diseases in man. 

    Atlantic Ocean Hurricanes: 2020 as per NASA has been horrible for the Atlantic too with more hurricanes than ever in the ocean.

    Wildfires: Australia, Siberia and USA had seen massive wildfires on their coasts in 2020 which was a result of the climate change. The bootleg wildfire is still alive in Oregon and has burnt around 4 lakh acres of land.  

    Floods and Landslides: India has seen many landslides in the hilly areas and heavy rains leading to floods in Maharashtra. 

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