Wimbledon plans to relax its all-white clothing rule. Know more here!

The all-white underwear rule may not be a norm in the near future, with the organizers of the Wimbledon tennis championships planning to relax it. The rationale behind the move is very thoughtful. Read on to know the full story.
Wimbledon plans to relax its all-white clothing rule!
Wimbledon plans to relax its all-white clothing rule!

The All-England Club is all set to cease the all-white underwear norm in the Wimbledon tennis championships. The sudden move is not a stroke of a fluke; rather it has a robust rationale behind it.

The issue lies in the fact that female players do not feel comfortable and are always anxious about wearing all white at times when they are going through their menstrual cycles.

Many female players report a sense of discomfort and anxiety that they experience while playing the sport wearing white during times when they were menstruating.

Wearing white at such a time made them worried and compelled them to always check for stains.

Moreover, another concern that came forward is the fact that when two players wear the same uniforms, it becomes difficult for the viewers to gauge who is who. This flaw remained unique to this sport.

While the Wimbledon dress code had been strict, protestors were eager to compel the authorities to relax it using signs like “Address the dress code”, “About Bloody Time”, and more.

The all-white underwear rule- EXPLAINED!


The All England Lawn Tennis (AELTC) is of the view that all competitors must be dressed strictly in white when they step into a court.


It also advocates that caps, bandannas, socks, and shoes must also be entirely white, along with any undergarments visible during the game.


Moreover, the rule is so rigid that even pale-colored, off-white, and even cream-colored clothing is also strictly prohibited.


Controversies in the past due to the rigid rule


Many prominent players in the past have tried to be creative with their dress code and got frowned at by the authorities. The result? They started feeling that the dress code is too strict to follow.

Exemplary champion Roger Federer had been one of them. The player adhered to the dress code but was still reprimanded only because of wearing orange-soldier trainers in the year 2013. The man was compelled to change them for his subsequent match. As a result, the man made an opinion that the dress code was too strict.


Additionally, in the year 2014, Martina Navratilova faced a similar scenario when she was reprimanded for her blue stripes on a white skirt at the time of an invitational double.


Situations became tense when Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champion, chose to pull out of the 2014 veterans tournaments just as his specialist shoes did not meet the regulations/


The strict rule became the reason behind the rage of many players. For instance, Andre Agassi boycotted the tournament completely from 1988 to 1990, soon when he was not allowed to wear his blue denim shorts.


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