World Sickle Cell Day 2019: Current Theme, History and Significance

World Sickle Cell Day is observed on 19 June every year to spread awareness about sickle cell disease, its preventive measures and their families go through. What is Sickle Cell Disease, its symptoms and causes? How World Sickle cell Day is celebrated, what is the history behind it and current theme? Let us have a look!
World Sickle Cell Day 2019: Current Theme, History and Significance
World Sickle Cell Day 2019: Current Theme, History and Significance

World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated with the help of Government, non-government organisations and various Health agencies. This day provide people a better idea about the sickle cell disease. Government organise several campaigns to encourage people to focus on the sickle cell disease for their proper cure and safety for the people who are not suffering from it.

What is Sickle Cell Disease?

Sickle cell disease or sickle cell anaemia is an inherited form of anaemia in which red blood cells are not able to carry adequate oxygen throughout the body. Let us tell you that in normal condition red blood cells are flexible and round. They move easily in the blood vessels. But in sickle cell disease or anaemia, the red blood cells become rigid, sticky and become like sickle shape or crescent moon. As a result these irregular shaped cells get stuck in small blood vessels, which slow the flow of blood or block blood flow and reduce oxygen to reach the parts of the body.

World Sickle Cell Day: History

World Sickle Cell Day was organised by United Nation as General Assembly in 2008 to raise the awareness about the sickle cell disease and the pain that people go throughout the life. On 19 June, 2009, it was first time celebrated. Nowadays, sickle cell disease has become a common genetic disease that spread all around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to cure through the fast awareness campaign, curable activities, early diagnosis and management. Even, World Health Organisation promotes several activities in the world to resolve the issue of haemoglobin dysfunction.

According to the statistics, every day more than 1000 babies are taking birth with sickle cell disease in the Africa and getting die up to five years of age. In the United States more than 90,000 to 100,000 people are affected with this disease. Not only this, even in the countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Arabic peninsula, Brazil, Surinam, Guiana, Southern Italy, Greece etc. people are suffering from sickle cell anaemia. No doubt it is big health issue which is to be resolved or to take control over it for healthy future of the nation. Due to Sickle Cell disease, the premature child death has been raised in the world.

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Why World Sickle Cell Day is observed?

- To raise awareness about sickle cell disease and support people by educating them.

- For the screening of patients, worldwide several health programs are organised.

- It is necessary for the new parents to get aware about the immunisations and its comprehensive care packages.

- To inform people about the sickle cell anaemia as a major health issue.

- People living in any part of the world should be aware about sickle cell disease.

- To remove all myths and stigma associated with the sickle cell disease.

- All the member countries are requested to establish various health programs to make easy access to the treatment for the disease at national and regional level.

- To make people available easy access to the technical supports and medical services.

- For better prevention, research work and accurate implementation of the resource to minimise complications. It is necessary to provide medical professionals well training.
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. is pleased to announce the theme for the 47th Annual National Convention: Sickle Cell Community Embracing Change Together.

Sickle Cell Anaemia: Key Facts

- The disease is described as sickle because the red blood cells are sickle or crescent-shaped and anaemia means lack of blood.

- Sickle cell anaemia disease affects millions of people around the world.

- Sickle cell anaemia disease is hereditary and not contagious.

- There is no definitive cure for sickle cell anaemia. However, it can be prevented by the pre-marital screening.

- Let us tell you that there is a difference sickle cell anaemia and iron-deficiency anaemia.

- Do you know that like any healthy people, patients suffering from sickle cell anaemia do not develop any kind of symptoms?

Therefore, World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated by releasing booklet, posters, highlighting the different aspects of sickle cell disease. Besides, this several competitions are also organised by the government like "Healthy Child" competition along with felicitation of senior citizens affected by sickle cell disease.

World Sickle Cell Day is observed to spread awareness among people around the world about the sickle cell anaemia disease and its treatment methods. It is an inherited genetic abnormality of haemoglobin in which the oxygen carrying protein found in red blood cells.

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