10 things you will learn in college other than your course

College changes our life in more ways than one by teaching important life skills. Here are few things you will learn in college, apart from the opted course.

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10 things you will learn in college- other than your course
10 things you will learn in college- other than your course


College is not just a place, it's an experience that stays with the students for the rest of their lives. While preparing you to be a skilled professional in your chosen field, it also teaches many other things which are never accounted for. At 4 am in the morning, you learn lessons no one can ever teach you inside a classroom and so, when you graduate, you graduate with not just the degree but great experiences as well. Here, we look at some of those things:

Making excuses

Despite learning to speak truth at all times in the moral science class in second standard, as you grow up, you realize that lying is inevitable at times. College will polish your excuse making skills, if school hadn't done that already. There'll be assignments, tests, surprise tests and semester exams along with extracurricular activities and hundreds of seminars. Juggling and multi tasking will  become difficult at some point, leaving you with no option other than telling your professor that there was an electricity cut in the hostel, or that you had headache because of which you could not do the assignment.

Staying up all night

Parties will continue till late, very late, but that won't be an issue anymore. You will learn how to pull an all-nighter without screwing up your schedule for the next day. You will realize that with the help of coffee, you can stay awake for more time than you thought you could. You will dance all night and still be present for that important am lecture with the head of department. What's more, you will be prepared for another party next night.

Wai Wai is way of life

Parties won't be the only events to last entire night. There will be times when you will have to be awake in the wee hours because of a test the other day, or maybe just another gossip session. Passing this time without food will be tough and cooking something elaborate, tougher. This is where wai wai comes into the picture. Wai wai is better in comparison to Maggi in that it can be eaten raw after mixing it with the masala  that comes with the pack. Cooked wai wai tastes just as delicious and totally worth the two-minute effort.

Getting things done in no time

Those late night study sessions and passing the tests next day will teach you that you are quite good at doing things efficiently in short interval of time. You will use this skill in other areas of life as well and find out that worrying about things will get them done. Be it writing an assignment to buying an outfit for an upcoming party, you will become a pro at managing time and getting things done with ease.

Eating sneakily

This is an art mastered during the never ending lectures. As we mentioned, food makes everything easy and it definitely helps to munch on something while being taught a concept for over one hour. You will learn how to open the packet of Lays without making noise and chewing silently as well. Apart from this, checking Facebook, Instagram and your other social media handles slyly will also start coming naturally to you.

You can handle situations better than you expected

You will be positively surprised to know that you are totally capable of living independently and are actually not doing that bad staying away from home. Back in school, you had your schedule made and planning done by either teachers or parents but in college, you not only have to handle academics but also take care of other small things as you will be living an independent life. Everything from laundry to cooking to cleaning will have to be done by you, apart from emergencies like non availability of important things.

You will learn to let go

You will realize that certain things are out of your control and so letting go is the best option there is. The Gita teaches us to do our actions without caring about the results attached with those actions. You will learn it in practical in the college. Marks will become less important than they used to be in school and if you get the opportunity of being taught by the right kind of professors, you will realize that learning is  the actual key to things. Many of the fortunate students find their calling after getting exposure in college and sometimes end up changing their field or dropping out as well.


This was the list of things students learn outside their syllabus in college. Being at college makes you more practical and teaches the working knowledge of things, so you need to be proactive and make the most out of this experience.

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