5 books on friendship every college student must read

College friendships are very unique. You do crazy things and share secrets you never could do with most of your school friends. You happen go through a lot together. And in the process makes relations that last for a lifetime.

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5 books on friendship every college student must read
5 books on friendship every college student must read

When starting college life all you can think of is fun and parties with friends. Though all may not turn out as you thought it would, but still the life is lot more free and fun-filled than school life. You are adults, most of the time away from home, no one to check on you, you are the masters of your own will. The people that you spent the majority of time here are the ones who are your partners in crime, 'Your Friends.' Friendships made in student life are unique, whether be it school or college, you spent the majority of your day with your friends. Especially in college where you have just each other to lean upon in most of the scenarios.You celebrate the happy moments together, tease each other, play prank on faculty members and other friends but also shed tears together should one of you be troubled. The friendships that you make during this phase, usually last a lifetime.

Here are some books on college friends and their lives together that every college student should read.

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides -

The Marriage Plot is the third novel of Jeffrey Eugenides and no one knew where he would lead the readers with this one. The first two. 'The Virgin Suicide' and 'The Middle Sex' that were so different from each other in tone and form. And as expected, 'The Marriage Plot' was nowhere near its predecessors and set for itself a whole new path.

It tells the story of three college friends Madeleine Hanna, Leonard Bankhead and Mitchell Grammaticus. It is set in the early 1980's when the United States was going through the deep recession, and life after graduation for college students was harder than ever before. It tells the story of their college life and the first year after graduation. Jeffrey here summed up a student's life just the way it was back then, a life with parties, insecurities surrounding you all over and the mistakes one made as a college grad. Within the lives of these college grads you can find yourself a character perfectly resembling you even in today's time. The comforting fact relying in the thought that everyone goes through it the pitfalls no matter how bad they are, they are valuable life experience. If anything with this book Jeffrey created a story so contemporary and fresh that it would seem to you like an intimate journal of your own life.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P by Adelle Waldman

Relationships in college are tough. Everyone of us experiences a phase of rebellion. The newly found freedom, being the master of our own world we tend to lose our grasp on the thought of accountability and responsibility. We are a wild horse on a full gallop of the green fields enjoying the cold evening air rushing past us.

But of all the complexities, the most complex and tough relationship is that of dating someone. And Waldman in his novel takes both a hilarious and depressing take at what it's like to find love when you're still trying to find your own self. It tells the story of a boy named Nathaniel who is not a great boyfriend but then again it's pretty common thing. He is obsessed with status, being cool and how he looks something that is usually the scene with the a 20yr old. Moreover, if you are not one of the flock sure will encounter someone who is and this book allows to you point out such people in your life. Now whether you steer clear of them, join them or just laugh at them Waldman doesn't seem to care. He just painted a picture for you a picture of your very own college life.


'Looking For Alaska' is the debut novel of John Green the famous author of 'Paper Towns.' Looking for Alaska is based on the story of high school boy named, Miles Halter. Miles was bored of his safe life back home and he was looking for something eventful. Thus, he heads to a boarding school in rural Alabama and he life is never the same again. A simple Florida teen Miles was unaware of the challenge and the so called adventure trip down the rabbit hole that awaited him in the Culver Creek High School.

Where Miles falls deeply in love with a slightly manic, pixie dream girl named, Alaska. And while dealing with the demanding academic load, Mile's and his friends main amusements consist of smoking, drinking and the Culver Creek tradition of playing pranks on the other group all while avoiding the searing gaze of The Eagle, the school's headmaster. Green has painted the lives of these young teenagers in a very life-like manner. He captures everything from the feelings of freshness to that of candor and heart. Fun, excitement, surprise and tragedy  “Looking for Alaska” encompasses all of those things. “Looking for Alaska” teaches about love, loss, redemption, guilt and friendship all at once.

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Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee

As mentioned before two college life is all about strained relationships. And it's not just your love life that complicated very relation you have experiences a turbulence phase. And the most common is one you share with your parents. If most all, then most of the times you and your parents are on different roads of plans for your future. And that leads to heavy friction at times.

Free Food for Millionaires is based on a similar concept. It is the story of a young American-Korean girl who after graduating from Princeton University, battles between her parents and her own plans for her future. The book talks in detail about the friction and the challenges she faces as she goes ahead. It also captures the essence of a cultural clash between her parents and her and not to mention that generation gap that is well-known to every college students out there. Jin Lee showcases in a very beautiful manner the life of a college grad, the challenges they face. The pressure they experience while dealing with and fulfilling the expectations of everyone around them including their own self. The thought that she wants to propagate by her story is nothing but a simple one that, 'You are not going to happy unless you do what's right for you.'

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"The Giver' is a story of every college student. It is what they always dream of and want, be yourself, do what you want in other words let your freak flag fly. Lois in this book presents to her readers a utopian society through the eyes of the protagonist, named Jonas. The society the boy lives is almost perfect, no fights, no evil it's all peace, it's ideal. But to get to that the residents paid a heavy price, they had to give up the freedom to have emotions. They had to give away the horrid memories of the man's past.

However, Jonas is different from his fellow residents. He is destined to be the next 'Giver' i.e. the town's next 'receiver of memory'. Upon being initiated in his role Jonas learns that his society is far from the ideal. When the previous giver shares with him the memories of the past, Jonas feel betrayed. He realizes that the residents has sacrificed their individuality, their freedom, their free will all for the false notion of a perfect society and ideal society where in reality they were nothing but the puppets in the hands of town's leaders. He vows to set the people free, return to them their freedom of choice. Doesn't all this remind you of your own life.It depicts his relations with friends, the ups and downs their relationship faces as he shares the secret with them.

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Hope you read and enjoy these books. Some might take you on a joy filled, fun ride and others on a dark road that's depressing and sad but after each reading you will surely come out much more wiser and appreciative of the people around you. For more quirky articles about college life and making college studies and campus life fun, you can visit www.jagranjosh.com/college. You can also subscribe to our newsletter through the link given below to get such interesting updates about college life directly in your inbox.

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