5 Reasons why Females should join SBI

SBI is extra sensitive towards the problems of female employees and that is evident from its sabbatical leave policy.Here are reasons for females to join SBI.

5 Reasons why Females should prefer SBI
5 Reasons why Females should prefer SBI

When SBI got its first woman chairperson in its over 200 years old history, it became very clear that the gender gap in the banking industry is decreasing day by day. If SBI has shown the way, we have got more and more women MD-CEOs in banks such as PNB, ICICI bank, Axis bank, etc. Approximate 20 per cent of the total workforce of SBI are women.

But SBI is an organization where girls would love to work because of the way it takes care of its women employees and the dynamic HR of the bank that always tries to make it easier for women to succeed in the bank. The best example of the same was the former chairman of SBI, who made it to the top without any formal commerce background.

Why females should choose SBI?

Though there are many girls who dream and aspire to join SBI, there are a few reasons which will make their determination to be a part of this organization stronger. Let us look at those reasons in the course of this article.

Dynamic Public Sector HR Policy

SBI is a public sector organisation but it has many features of being a corporate organisation especially when it comes to its HR policy. It has one of the best HR policies in the public sector in India and it is also said that other banks try to imitate SBI in HR policy formulation.

The bank has recently launched a study in order to study the feasibility to let its women workforce work from home in case of emergency and necessity. ICICI Bank has already done it, but thinking about it in public sector, well, SBI is organization to think and do it actually in the near future.

SBI takes special care of its women employees. SBI has a strong commitment towards protection of women employees and have strict policy of prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment at workplace.

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Favourable Transfer Policy for Women employees

Though it is mandatory to serve in rural as well as in semi-urban areas for officers to get promotion to higher cadres, SBI has relaxed the criteria in order to encourage its women workforce to take promotions and move up the corporate ladder.

Another good thing is that after marriage, you have a fair chance of getting posting with your spouse. It is there for every Bank, but in reality, SBI can implement it because of its vast network of branches all over the country.

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Maternity Leave and Sabbatical Leave Policy

SBI provides maternity leave to its employees for six months and in the whole career, it can be taken for twelve months on substantive pay.

It has also announced a sabbatical policy for female employees for up to a period of two years in case they want to take it for purposes such as children’s education or taking care of elderly in –laws. This is the first time that a public sector organization has done so and that is what is commendable in case of SBI. It goes to any length to protect the interests of its employees.

Apart from that, SBI is the only public sector bank in the country where female employees can take up to 2 year sabbatical leave for personal commitments.

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Job Security

Banking is considered a secured blue collar job for girls nowadays because banking is supposed to be a profession of gentlemen. Apart from that, SBI is a government owned organization and the job security it offers is more than any other private sector bank.

Apart from that, it offers a decent pay package as well. Job security and decent pay make it a deadly combo for anyone to vouch for SBI for girls.

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The Legacy

SBI is the only Indian bank that features in the Fortune 500 list of banks all over the world. Working for such an organization instills a sense of pride and determination to work harder.

It is not about girls only but it is a reason for anybody to go for this bank instead of any other. If you are passionate about banking and want to make a career out of it, SBI is the right place for you.

Here are some leading female brigades at SBI:

Meet some leading female brigades at SBI. Some of them joined SBI as Probationary Officer

Varsha Purandare, MD & CEO of SBI Capital Markets Limited

Varsha Purandare took over as MD & CEO of SBI Capital Markets Limited in the year 2015. She has been with the SBI for over three decades and worked in various domains like retail, treasury and corporate credit both in India and abroad. She had joined the bank as a Probationary Officer in 1982.

Manju Aggrawal: Deputy Managing Director (corporate strategy and new business)

Manju Agarwal joined SBI as Probationary Officer in 1983. During a career spanning over three decades with SBI, she has work on various operational and administrative assignments. She has also worked as Vice President (Trade) in SBI’s foreign office at Frankfurt.

Currently, she is responsible for all the digital initiatives in the bank. As per the recent data released in the year 2017, SBI commands pole position in all digital banking channels, with a 52% market share in mobile banking and 30.8% in debit card spends.

Padmaja Chunduru

Padmaja Chunduru is the in-charge of global treasury operations of SBI. Earlier, she was the country head of US operations located in New York and had also worked in corporate account group.

SBI is one of the best employers in the public sector in India. You will always get the backing of the management if you perform well. It is the place where even if you join as a clerk, you can move upto the level of DGM (Deputy General Manager) or GM (General Manager) only by virtue of your hard work and determination and willingness to learn new things.

If you are still in two minds regarding SBI, leave that aside, prepare with your full enthusiasm as the exam is the door to myriads of opportunities that SBI has for you in future.

All the very best!!

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