5 Types Of Roommates You Will Find In College (And How To Deal With Them)

Sharing your room with someone might be an overwhelming experience for reasons good or bad, depending upon your luck. Here we list 6 types of roommates we all encounter in our college lives.

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5 Types Of Roommates
5 Types Of Roommates

One of the major change that the students experience with the start of their college life is leaving home and moving into college hostels. More often than not the rooms in college hostels or even most of the private hostels are on sharing basis. Getting used to the responsibilities that come with college life is a daunting enough task and now having to share a room with a complete stranger can lead to a lot of uneasiness. If you are fortunate enough, you might find a friend for life in your roommate but if things don't go your way then you might have a good load of additional problems to handle. Here, in this article, we have discussed some common types of roommates that you'll come across in your college life. Also, there are some tips on how to deal with them.

The Clingy One

This kind of roommates 'NEVER' leave you alone. So, if you are somebody who treasures their 'me time' then having such a type of roommate can prove to be a nightmare for you. They will never leave you alone be it eating, shopping, watching a movie at your room or going out to party with your friends. They will always find a way to tag along with you in almost each and every task you do. They seem to have an endless amount of questions and would question you on just about anything. Like, for example, if you are going out they would want to know where you are going, when are you going to be back and if they could come along. But that's not all they are interested in knowing, they want to know even the smallest of details about your life like which online TV series are you currently watching on Netflix.

How To Deal With Them:

It's not unnatural to feel irritated and try an avoid the person altogether. But it would be good to give the person a small benefit of the doubt and acknowledge their desire to be good friends with you. However, you are not obligated or answerable to them for things you don't want to share with them. You have a right to your own private space and you should definitely call them out if they are being extra nosey or clingy.

The Night Owls

This is one of the most prevalent kinds of people you'll find in a college hostel. In most hostels, night time is one of the most happening time of the day in the building. But if you are someone who believes in the practice of early to bed and early to rise then having a night owl as a roommate can prove to a difficult situation. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night you'll often find them awake doing something at their laptops or finishing up the assignment due next morning.

How To Deal With Them

In most hostels, there are plenty of places to study apart from your room like the common room, college library, and other such places. So, be blunt with your roommate and tell them that you need to switch off the nights to be able to sleep well and ask them if they could study elsewhere if they need to study late hours. Or if they have to stay in the room ask them to make use of the desk lamp. Come to a mutual understanding and try to avoid a situation where only one of you is making compromises as it would lead to conflicts sooner or later. 

The Party Animal

Whether it's mid-semester break or finals going on, this kind of roommate is always out there partying with his friends. Don't be surprised if you find them tip-toeing into the room at 4 am. They don't get tired of going out and have no social anxiety either. Such people can be fun to hang out with since they can introduce you to the 'IT people' of the college.

How To Deal With Them

Things could get a little difficult if you are someone who prefers to study evenly throughout the semester. You could either try out some alternate places to study such as the library, common room etc. Or you could ask your roommate to tone things down a bit so that you can focus on your studies. Also, make friends with other people in your hostel so that you can crash in their rooms if the need arises. However, it's sometimes good to have some fun so try and hang out with them some time or ask for their suggestion for some good party spots in the town. They'd be more than happy to help you out.

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Parent Away From Home

This is the person who ensures that everything is in place i.e. they take care of everything. You can approach them with any problem and they would have a practical solution for almost everything just when you need it the most. They'll know everything about you from your likes and dislikes to your interest and sometimes even the things that you are allergic to. Their presence is like that of an elder sibling who would go to great length to take care of you. And while you will be thankful for all of it, things can get overwhelming at times as they can be stubborn about many things like parents.

How to deal with them

Such kind of roommate is a blessing in disguise and it's often great to have them around. Just try not be mean to them when they are stubborn as they mean good and are often fighting you for your own benefits. Make sure you hear them out and give it a thought before disregarding their advice completely.

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The Keeper

This person is the best friend that you always wanted. They are the people with whom you can share almost every secret of yours and rest assured that it will remain between the two of you. They would stand by you through all your ups and downs and would even comfort you in the direst of situations. There is quite a good chance that your parents are also aware of them and are constantly communicating with them to check on you. They would do their best to keep you out of trouble and yet if somehow you find yourself in the midst of it they will stand by your side no matter what.

How to deal with them

There is no way you'd want to get yourself rid of such people. For as the title suggests these people are a 'keeper'. If you are lucky enough to have found yourself one then make sure that you cherish their friendship.

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To Conclude,

Sharing your room and your private space with someone over the next few years is an inevitable part of your college life. Hostel life and college life are almost synonymous with each other. Both of them are incomplete without the other. It's just a matter of luck with whom you end up sharing your room with every year. And if you feel like you want to share your room with a particular someone then you could try requesting the hostel warden or you could rent or buy an apartment of your own and share it with your friend. But remember that the experience of having lived in a college hostel is a great one. Whether it be a good or a bad one both of them teach you some valuable lessons of life. You become more mature and learn not to let things affect you too much. Also, it gives a great boost to your social skills and you become a lot better at communicating with other people.

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