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5 Types Of Roommates You Will Find In College (And How To Deal With Them)

Sep 7, 2017 18:53 IST
5 Types Of Roommates
5 Types Of Roommates

Leaving home and struggling with pressures of college life can be a daunting task. Adding to that is the uneasiness of living with someone who is practically a stranger.

If you are fortunate, you might find a friend for life in your roommate but if things don't go your way, the same person might become the reason for all your additional worries.

Here we look at 5 types of roommates you will definitely come across in  college:

The Clingy One:

This kind of roommate NEVER leaves you alone. If you are a person who treasures their 'me time', living with this individual can prove to be a nightmare. They want to eat with you, go shopping with you and talk to you literally all the time. They also keep bugging you with questions regarding your daily activities and what sitcom you are currently watching.

How To Deal With Them:

It would be good to give such a person a benefit of doubt and acknowledge their desire to be best friends with their roommate. However, you are not obligated or answerable to them for things you don't want and you should definitely call them out if they are being extra emotionally dependent.

The One Who Never Sleeps:

These are the kind of roommates who tell you they have not slept the entire night when you find them awake at 6am. Most of their night activities are restricted to internet usage and college Wi-Fi is their most cherished possession.

How To Deal With Them:

Tell them that you need to darkness to sleep well and they should either use the desk lamp or study in the hall to prevent you from getting disturbed and being the only one who compromises.

The Party Animal:

Whether it's mid-semester break or finals going on, these kind of roommates are always out there partying with their friends. Don't be surprised if you find them tip-toeing into the room at 4am. They don't get tired of going out have no social anxiety either. Such people can be fun to hang out with since they can introduce you to the 'IT people' of the college.

How To Deal With Them:

Things could get difficult if you are someone who likes being updated with the syllabus and studies evenly throughout the semester. You could ask them to tone things down a bit as you need to focus on studies. It would also be a good idea to become friends with other people in the hostel so that you can crash in their rooms if the need arises. Also, it doesn't hurt to go out at times so you can ask them for suggestions for good party spots or request them to take you along. They'd be more than happy to do that.

Parent Away From Home:

They take care of all your problems and comes with a practical solution just when you need it the most. They know everything from your college schedule and to things you are allergic towards. While you will be thankful for all of it, things can get overwhelming at times as they can be stubborn about being with you even when you want to be left alone.

How To Deal With Them:

they can be a blessing in disguise and it will mostly do you good to keep them around. Try not to be too mean with them as they are good at heart. However, you can tell them to that certain problems are for you to solve alone and that they should give you the freedom to do the same. They will surely oblige.

The Keeper:

This person is the best friend you always wanted. This the type of roommate who shares secrets with you and keep yours. They style your clothes and do your makeup on your date evening. There is a good chance your parents also know about them and are on a texting basis. They make sure you never get into trouble but also know when and where they need to back off.

You do not need any tips to deal with such people. You are in luck, make the most of it.

Whether it is a good experience or a bad one, sharing a room with someone changes your life completely. You become mature and learn how not to let things affect you too much. Additionally, your social skills become better which will help you professionally as well.

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