6 Types of people you meet in college library

College library is one of the most happening place on campus. Let's have a look at various kinds of people you'll come across there.

6 Types of people you meet in college library
6 Types of people you meet in college library

'College Library' the role that this place played in the life of a college student has seen many changes over the years. There were times when the nerds could be seen here buried nose deep in the books all day round. But in today's digital age, e-books have replaced the heavy reference books of the library. It is far easier to get latest up to date information on the internet than the books displayed on the library shelves. But that doesn't mean that the libraries have lost their charm. As dull and boring they might seem they still have no dearth of knowledge they can depart to the students. There are still many different kinds of people you'll come across if you were to step in the library right now.

The Researcher

These are mostly the people preparing for competitive exams. You'll always see them surrounded by thick reference books in a secluded corner of the library. They have their eyes fixed on clearing the exam in their very first attempt. The only time you'll see them outside of the library is too either attend the class or if for some reason the library is closed.

Wifi Worshipers

These are the ones for whom the library is like a cafe offering a free wifi and a comfortable spot to relax in for hours without interruption. And all they are interested in is the place with the best signal strength on the entire campus. They'd just plug in their earphones and enjoy back to back episodes of their favorite TV series or the latest movie added on Netflix. They are completely oblivious to the vast world of knowledge surrounding them.  

The Rare Sights

They are the ones that run away at the very sight of the library doors. But on rare occasions can be seen stepping in with shaking feet and fear evident in their eyes. One look at them and you'd feel like they have seen a ghost. But then the sight of students buried nose deep in books is like having spot a ghost for them. The only time they gather courage enough to step in is during the exam time when they need to issue reference books and other such study material for the study purpose.

Sleeping on the couch person

Now this is the guy who put the library resources to the best use. They would waltz in like the library is their own personal accommodation and they own the very place. Their eyes scanning the area for the most secluded spot and once spotted they would make themselves comfortable and drift of the dreamy sleep enjoying the cool breeze of air-conditioners in summers of the warmth of the central heating in the biting cold winters.

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The Schemers

These people are class apart, they love to be around books but they have one constant complaint from any library they'd walk in. That is the number of books issued per person is too less a number. Now suppose they find 5 great titles on shelf and want to issue them all at once to avoid the chances of their unavailability next week. But they can only issue three to four books at a time. Now what to do? How to prevent others from issuing the book they want. Simple look for place to hide the book. Whether that means hiding the best psychology book in the history section. Or slipping them in the top most and the bottommost self where a casual searcher never glances.

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The Observes

No one really understands what this person is doing in the library. For all they do is hold some reading material in their hands but their eyes never glance at the it, not even once. Their eyes are strained observing all the interesting things happening all around them. One cannot help but wonder don't they have anything better to do. How can a person possibly be so bored that he'd just sit and watch people in a library. The interesting fact however, is that this observer is completely oblivious of the fact that while he is busy observing people someone around the corner is observing him to.    

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