Types of people you'll come across at your internship

Internships can be overwhelming at first but as you meet new people you gain valuable experience that would prove to be quite helpful later on.

Created On: Dec 31, 2019 12:23 IST
Types of people you'll come across at your internship
Types of people you'll come across at your internship

The first day in office for your first internship experience in life can be filled with nervousness and anxiety. You are unsure about what to expect, what would the work environment be like, would all the people be strictly professional or would be they be a little fun and interesting like your friends back at college. There are a thousand things at the back your mind like the fear of how you'd end up messing things on your very first day. The experience can be quite overwhelming at first but as the days progress and you get accustomed to office environment, make friends with fellow interns and other professionals you start looking forward to every new day at office. And when it's finally the time to leave you have loads of memories and many new friends that you'd be taking along with you. Let's look at various types of co-interns you'll come across.

The Ghost

There will always be that one person in the group who can be nick named the invisible-man. For you might happen to miss out on them even if they are having the lunch on the same table as you. Simply said, some people are easier to bond with and some are like ghosts who love to remain unnoticed and sort of invisible, like company of other people freaks them out. If you were to go the extra mile and invite them for a dinner party after office to hang out with the office group on weekends they'd always come up with some excuse because of which they can't go. Try not to take it personally, and if they still shut you out after a few attempts just leave it be. It's not your fault the person is anti-social take the cue and stop pursuing.

The Gossiper

Another kind of person that you'd surely come across are the ones who just can't seem to keep quiet about anything, 'The gossip mongers'. Imagine sitting on the lunch table talking about something and the conversation suddenly turns to your fellow colleagues and the boss. Viola, you have met the office gossiper. Now befriending such people has both its pros and cons. Where on the one hand you'll always be up to date about the varied and vivid office news you could also end up becoming one of the topic of discussions. So, don't completely steer clear of these people but be careful in your dealing with them.

The Ones In Heels

No office is devoid of the presence of one such person. There would always be at least that one girl who'd always show up on time, complete her work before deadlines and no matter how harsh the weather outside be, she'd always show up in perfect form, not a hair out of place. All good so far, but then comes the clicks of the heels. The constant click-clack, of the heels that annoy you the entire day long. And not to mention the gossips that start when you can hear their heels long before you see them coming.

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The Know it All Expert 

Once in a while you'd also come across the kind who are deemed experts on the subject. They know everything from the smallest of the concepts to the most complex of the codes. Aligning yourself with them will help you learn new skills. Such people form an instant impression on your seniors, they become the go to person and more often than not end up with a full-time job offer after graduation. Don't feel worried if at times you feel like why the hell have you even come for an internship here. There is nothing that you don't know, why don't you just skip college and apply for a full-time job here.

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The Uninterested One

There are some exceptional people who are there just for the sake of completing an internship to put it on their resumes. Or in another scenario they are doing it because it a compulsory part of their college curriculum. They look bored out of their minds but come up with the most creative of ideas at the right moment, leaving you baffled. Hey, you aren't even interested in the internship what are you doing suggesting ideas and ruining my chance of impressing the seniors.

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In Summation

Working in a professional work environment as an intern helps you warm up to the idea of working at an office later on after graduation. You might even like a organization to the extent that you'd make it a point to apply for a full-time job there after college. Meeting new and different people at various places you intern will give you an insight as to how to build an effective network and the kind of people you should hang out with once you start working to improve and enhance your career. For more such articles on college life please visit, www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get more such articles in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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