Ways in which un-paid internships prove to be beneficial

Unpaid internships are usually frowned upon by students. But most students fail to realize they offer a lot of other benefits that come in handy in later life.

Created On: Dec 3, 2019 14:43 IST
Ways in which un-paid internships prove to be beneficial
Ways in which un-paid internships prove to be beneficial

College students today are well aware of the importance of doing internships for a successful professional career after college. More and more colleges are inculcating internships as a compulsory part of their academic curriculum. Internships help students put their academic knowledge to practical use, it prepares them for the corporate life that awaits them after college. But for most students internships have become a means to earn extra income during breaks instead of being a means to gain knowledge and experience. Students give up internship opportunities at great organizations just because they happen to be unpaid. But they fail to realize that working at a good organization without a stipend is far better than working at a small organization that pays you good sums of money.

Unpaid internships pay you in ways far more useful than money. They give you a certificate of on their letterhead, you get experience of working at a reputed organization. And if you happen to work good enough you might get a full-time offer or recommendations from the employees that can get you good job offers after college. So never let go of an internship thinking it is an unpaid opportunity, you might end up gaining a lot more from  it.

Ways in which the unpaid internships pay you -

Exposure to the corporate work environment

The corporate work environment is very different from that of the college life that one has been used to for past 3-4 years. Internships help you ease into this huge difference of lifestyle between the two places. There are certain professional work place etiquettes that a person is required to follow in their offices, interning at a good office helps you experience them first hand.

Get Valuable References

Working at an organization that holds quite a good reputation in the field is a great opportunity even if it is unpaid. Work hard enough and develop positive connections with your seniors and when it's time to go back to college, you can ask them for references to share with the employers at your next internship or job. A reference on the letterhead of a big organization is a great addition to your resume.

Be clear of your goals

Internships not only helps students gauze a feel of the work place they also help them determine whether it really is the field they want to build a career in or not. A single major might open opportunities in various avenues. For example a majors in mass media opens up work opportunities in advertising, radio, TV, film making etc. But if someone is confused between advertising or film making they can intern in both the fields and then decide which one would they like to go ahead with.

Benefits of doing an online internship for college students

Possibilities of a full-time offer

A lot of organizations have legal restrictions because of which they are unable to pay their interns. But if you perform good enough chances are that you might get an offer for a full-time job even before your college ends. It makes perfect sense, the company has spent a lot of resources to train you and if you seem a promising enough candidate hiring you would be quite beneficial for them. Their investment in you would pay off.

Reasons why internships are must for college students

Stamp of a branded organization on your resume

If nothing else, you would have a branding of a great organization on your resume. When you go on to look for internships in the next semester or even during the placement season it would make your resume stand out in the crowd of applicants. Your internship might not have been paid, but the branding of that organization in your work experience would surely help you land better packages and job offers during campus placements.

Helpful tips and insights to becoming the best intern

Consider, unpaid internship an arrangement like that of a barter system. You work of the organization and instead of paying you in money they offer you experience and a better understanding of the corporate work culture in the field of your interest. Unpaid-internships have a lot to offer in their own ways. Hence, never let go of an opportunity just because it is unpaid consider the pros and cons of it before having the final say. For more such articles on internships or others things related to college life please visit www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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